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Clearing up the false beliefs of individualism as opposed to collectivism

Individualism would presuppose that everything that is great is due to individual success.  That operating solely out of self interest society prospers.  This ideology is been promoted by Ayn Rand, an atheist and self appointed expert on “Objectivism” and adopted by Paul Ryan and many other Tea Party Republicans.

While her philosophy would suggest good hard work accomplishes much.  In reality it is the objectifying of all others in society and the promotion of selfishness and greed that makes them prosper.  We are seeing this play out as some of the wealthy in this country want special treatment, little to no taxes, elimination of regulations , and then to be worshiped as “job creators”.  This is a pretty “narcissistic” view of life.  Let’s take one billionaire, look at him as an individual, and see how he benefits because of society (collectivism).

Because of society there is a vast network of medicine and research to help with disease and provide cures that extends life.  Because of the needs of many this cost is spread out and these medical resources are available to the individual.

Education & Business:
Because there is a need to educate and employ many in society there has developed a network of knowledge and application.  Advancements in all areas of life would not otherwise have been achieved are feasible only because they can be readily applied to many.  The market is the people not the individual.

Imagine the vast network of roads, airports, hotels, all built for one individual.  Even if that individual is a billionaire it wouldn’t be feasible.  It is society itself (the collective) that makes such things possible.  Take Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 at a cost of around $100 million.  How many airports around the world could be built, manned, and maintained to justify just one individual’s needs?  Without society there would not be a network of airports to land at and to spread these costs.  

As we look at our military, legal, judicial, and emergency network in this country, ask yourself if it would be possible to build such a resource for just one individual’s potential need?  No one billionaire could afford it.

The next time you hear of a billionaire on his $200 million yacht in the Mediterranean think of how much it cost the US Navy to protect the world’s waterways so that this billionaire is safe and ask how many taxes he pays for that protection?  It is only because these costs are spread among all of us that the individual receives the benefits of its protection.

The truth is the individual benefits from society and without society their money would be worthless.


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