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1975 - An 18 solar orbital aged Pastor Agnostic votes for the first time, not having a clue about the real world. The next year, after spending a summer studying in the Soviet Union on an exchange program, (landing in Moscow on July 4th, no less) any liberal leanings are washed out of his brain. By 1981, Ag even sent money to elect Ronnie Reagan, a moranic move he fully and forever regretted four years later.

2012 - Pastor Agnostic votes again, early, but not often. Interestingly, the longest part of the ballot involves the retention of judges in Cook County Illinois. Despite 26 years of practice, Pastor Ag still cannot get it right as to who should remain on the bench. Luckily the ISBA (Illinois Bar Association) and the CBA (Chicago Bar Association) do an effing fantastic job of weeding out the bad apples. Pity the voters rarely side with the bar associations. Especially with Judge Cynthia Brim, who after very, very bizarre behavior, on and off the bench, was professionally deemed insane about a month ago. Yet, if she receives the minimal percentage of retention ballots, she stays on the bench. Sigh.


So many states, so many votes already, so little time. 18 days remain, not counting leap years, until we think that we have a voice in electing a new president. Or, as we hope here, re-electing the current one.


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Please chime in if you and yours have already voted. Please mention the state, any unusual events that may have happened to your voting efforts, and tell us a little about your state's rules and voting procedure.

Here is Cook County Illinois:

9/27/2012    First day mail ballots will be sent out
10/9/2012    Last day to register to vote
10/10/2012    First day of grace period registration and voting
10/22/2012    First day of Early Voting
11/1/2012    Last day to request a mail ballot, including military and overseas voters
11/3/2012    Last day of Early Voting
11/3/2012    Last day of grace period registration and voting
11/4/2012    In-person absentee voting begins at the Clerk's downtown Chicago office
11/5/2012    Last day voted mail ballots can be postmarked for acceptance by the Clerk's office.   In-person absentee voting continues at the Clerk's downtown Chicago office and five suburban courthouse mini-centers.
According to a friend I have in the clerk's office, even at this early stage, requests for absentee ballots are as high, or higher,  than ever previously recorded.

(Geez, imagine that. An entire diary by Pastor Agnostic, and not one bit of snark. It almost makes me want to cry)

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6%1 votes
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