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Here is my hidden agenda,
hiding in plain sight,
the agenda for the
B. C. C.
Build a Chicken Coop movement,
below the squiggly.


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I start at the conclusion,
with action.

The action can indeed be to build a chicken coop,
buy some baby chicks,
soon after,
start eating eggs gathered from the coop,
day after day.

This is something you can do,
if you can get all your ducks,
or chickens,
in a row,
so to speak;
permission from your home city,
time to build it,
baby chicks,
chicken feed,
research online
to learn enough
to get it done,
and start eating those eggs.

I intend to post alternatives,
as soon as I do some research,
to give you a little detail
on how to carry out
some of these alternative actions.

Off the top of my head,
some alternatives could be:
raising ducks
insect larvae, such as silkworms.

of course,
a good vegetable garden,
maybe with corn,
should be a logical addition to the
protein and fat from livestock.

I mention corn,
in case you could grow enough corn,
or other grains,
to feed your livestock,
chickens or fish,
in order to avoid buying feed
at a feed store.

Working backwards now,
since this call to action is the last item on the agenda,
even though it's great to start it first,
let's work back,
item by item,
through the agenda.

First in action,
last in logical steps,
build a chicken coop,
and/or alternatives.

To make this work well for everyone,
move folks out of cities,
into farms and ranches,
very small towns,
along with nomads herding goats and sheep.

To make enough land for everyone,
start a movement,
get just about everyone on board,
a movement of the vast majority,
from the bottom up,
because they see the vision of the chicken coop,
because they see the vision of no more cities,
the people themselves,
the regular folks,
decide they must,
agree with each other
that most folks will have zero children,
for two or three generations,
until the population of the whole planet
is down to some very easily sustainable number,
such as 100 million.

Along with all this,
we must establish some standard of nutrition,
a range of protein,
and carbs,
different than any standard I've seen.

I encourage the eggs,
because they are very filling,
and a half dozen,
cooked in bacon fat,
provide enough calories
to give me energy
for at least a few hours.

I want others to have that same energy.

People are fond of saying that we cannot advocate
but we're all the same species,
and those who are feeling quite healthy
on a vegetarian diet
might consider that others they are trying to help and advise
might need eggs,
or other high fat foods,
to give them an energy boost that lasts.

Here is a link to nutrition information on eggs:  


the last item to list here,
the first item in logical thinking
about sustainability,
is a movement,
a movement full of folks,
many of them raising chickens or other livestock and crops,
folks who see the future,
folks who see that civilization as we know it
is simply not sustainable.

Seems to me that a lot of those writing
about sustainability
start with the assumption
that we must live in a way
that is sustainable
for about nine or ten billion of us.

The more I learn about fresh water supplies,


the more I learn about land use,


and the more I learn about global climate change,  


the more I see that cities with millions of folks in them,
billions in total,
is simply not sustainable.

It can't be done.

The first big step is to get
the feeling,
deep down,
into enough regular folks
that nothing resembling our world is sustainable.

That deep down feeling,
when it's in enough of us,
will move us to use enough contraception,
including surgical sterilization,
to move the population way down,
and will move us to build the chicken coops,
and build the herds of goats and sheep.

We will learn to share the land,
so that farms can be moved,
in times of drought,
to areas that have enough rain.

I want you to visualize a world
with only 100 million humans living and working,
mostly feeding themselves,
with some trade.

This diary only has a few links,
just to give a little reference.

I intend to write better ones,
as the movement goes forward.

I hate to write diaries to scare you,
but I may need to write some of those.

The B. C. C. movement,
Build a Chicken Coop,
with the hidden agenda,
hidden in plain sight.

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