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From: kestrel9000
Date: Jan 6, 2008 2:53 PM
Subject: The early spring? of 1972
To: anmcgove@dwu.edu

     I was seven years old in 1972.
     My paternal grandparents took me to a whistle stop in Stockton, California, to meet "the next President."
     My grandmother told me, "When you meet Senator McGovern, mijito, you tell him you are going to be the first Mexican-American president of the United States."
     You ruffled my hair and told me to study hard in school and I just might get there.
(Or something like that...:)  it was so long ago)
Well, neither one of us got there, but now that I am a bit older and hopefully wiser, I do wish that you had.
      I left that day with a blue-and white McGovern sticker that I affixed - without permission - to the back bumper of my mother's 1967 Firebird.
      She was furious. She was a Nixon supporter, but as she and my father were divorced, and my entire family on my dad's side, including my stepmother, were - and are - committed Democrats, there was only so much she could say or do about it......this caused much amusement! :)
      It is from my father's side of the family that I received the values system that i am passing along to my two sons. There are many reasons I have always been, and will always be, a Democrat, and I prefer to think that in some small way, you're one of them.
       I read with interest your op-ed in today's Washington Post.
       This is to thank you for your words today. You spoke for me. I could not agree with you more.
       Failure to proceed with articles of impeachment against this rogue President and Vice President would set a precedent that would be irreparably injurious to the rule of law in this country.
        I agree with you that we are unlikely in the extreme to see done what must be done. My own father, in fact, has thrown up his hands and resigned himself to the inevitability of Bush and Cheney being allowed to complete their terms with their high crimes and misdemeanors unchallenged, fearing that the business of the nation would lapse unconducted were we to, in his words, "fiddle-f**k around with impeachment."
         I grieve to think that this colorful and vulgar term could be applied to enforcing the rule of law.
         And I am compelled to echo the quote from Thomas Jefferson which you included in your words of today:
         "Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just."
          May God bless you and keep you, Senator, and thank you for saying what many others dare not.
           Edward Garcia
           Fall River, MA

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