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My reason to help maximize voter turnout is simple: We cannot let the GOP's "bodies on the beach" strategy succeed.

I explained this strategy a few months ago on MSNBC:


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For four years, the right-wing calculus has been that prolonging and deepening the suffering of American families was a small price to pay - if it would put them back in power. This approach became the cornerstone of Republican strategy the day of the inauguration - when GOP leaders like Paul Ryan first sat down to plot against the new president. It was true in 2009, when Mitch McConnell openly admitted that the top GOP priority was defeating Obama. It was true just a few weeks ago, when Senate Republicans blocked the Veterans Jobs Act. They believe that by increasing America's economic pain, they can increase their own political gain.

Their theory is this: if enough dead bodies pile up on the beach, Americans will fire the lifeguard - and Republicans can get the lifeguard's job.

That is why Republicans in Congress have blocked traditionally conservative ideas like tax cuts for small businesses, simply because the President proposed them.

They have relentlessly opposed commonsense policies like helping young people pay less on student loans or making sure more folks whose mortgages are underwater can refinance their homes. They did all they could to block passage of the stimulus bill. They conveniently ignored the fact that the stimulus embraced many conservative principles: one-third was to help states and cities that were struggling to keep teachers and first-responders on the job. Another one-third was for tax cuts for 95% of Americans.

If they had stopped there, it would have been bad. But they went one step further. They brought our nation to the brink of default over a debt limit they had always raised in the past.

In short, they made things worse. On purpose.

(I know I'm missing some examples, too. Any particularly good ones please leave in the comments so I can make sure to mention next time this comes up!)

I'm not going to pretend this administration didn't miss some opportunities and deliberately pass on others. But this current crop of GOP leaders has embraced the truly radical idea that their political fortunes are more important than helping the American people.

It is unprecedented. It is dangerous. And if their gamble is rewarded on November 6th, those who did all they could to sabotage the American recovery will receive the biggest prize in the world for their efforts: the keys to the Oval Office.

America needs two political parties (or more!). We benefit from the contest of ideas and the contrast of visions. We grow as a nation because our leaders are challenged to do better and held accountable for successes. But to make it work, our leaders must know when to put partisanship aside and root for America first.

The leaders of the Republican Party have forsaken that path. For this unconscionable betrayal, the GOP deserves defeat next month.

So I would ask you to do three things. First of all, vote. Better yet, vote early. Secondly, get your friends, your families, and your neighbors to the polls. Spend that extra hour knocking doors or making calls.

Third, right now, click on the image below and share it on Facebook. Winning is only half the battle -- we also need to expose their strategy and defeat it so they don't try it for another four years. I'm out there shouting from the rooftops on this one, but you all are the real opinion-makers.

Click here to share this graphic with your friends on Facebook

Thanks for listening -- let's go win this!

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Originally posted to Van Jones on Wed Oct 24, 2012 at 05:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by DK Poli, Barriers and Bridges, I Vote for Democrats, J Town, and Dream Menders.

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