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So now that debate season 2012 is officially over what did we learn?


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The Presidential debates have come and gone. With each different event we the people have taken several different lessons and learned new things about the debates.  Now we will attempt to do a brief over view as to sum each debate and how they impacted the race or failed to impact the race.

Debate #1  In this debate we meet The New Mitt Romney!
Gone is the campaign extremist who had picked anti choice candidate and devil extraordinaire. Gone is a man who had Signed the Grover Norquist Pledge.
The new Mitt had a plan, albeit a very obscure plan which he failed to detailed. However in this debate Mitt was hyper (or energetic) and theatrical in presentation  but said very little. Obama looked a step off his game tired and a bit too cordial. This had the Corporate Media fawning over Mitt declaring him the greatest debater since Lincoln. (it was pathetic).

Debate #2 This debate Was a Complete knock out of Romney..
Obama came out furious and attacking like never before. He combined policy with theatrics and Mitt was sputtering. The moderator did not allow Mitt to get out of hand and even in what seemed to be a gotcha moment for Mitt backfired and blew up in his face. Romney was exposed as a liar the new centrist coat he was trying out was obviously not fitting well at all. Yet despite all this the corporate media still called it a "narrow win" by Obama. This debate also featured one of the most powerful Romney gaffe moments of the campaign as he spoke about "binders full of women".

Debate #3Exposed Romney's lack of foreign policy knowledge.
 was apparent as he desperately tried to get out of the subject matter the entire night. He was cordial and non confrontational trying to channel the kinder gentler Mitt facade he had created. Once again Obama took him to task and soundly defeated him.

So other than Mitt is a liar the only other thing we can take as a major lesson from the debates is that the corporate media, is blatantly right-wing in this Nation do not ever let them speak of a liberal bias in the media when it obviously the other way around.

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