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This is a true story.

The woman was married to a college boyfriend who had turned out not to be a dream of a husband, but she resolved to stick it out anyway.

On her first anniversary, she found herself depressed and went out to "celebrate" with an old family friend, a man several years older than she was. They drank up their evening out, but he outpaced her, as he had far more experience with alcohol. She was basically a cheap date when it came to booze.

The evening ended in the car. He had decided the celebration should end with a bang. She barely knew where she was, much less how to bang.


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She didn't see or speak to the old family friend for nearly a year. One night nine months later, the pains began. It was the day before his birthday. She called the old family friend.

"I'm in labor," she said. "I still don't know how I got pregnant because my husband and I have always been so careful. We can't afford a baby. Hell, we can't afford macaroni and cheese."

"I've kinda thought that one was mine," the old friend said. "Sorry."

The rest of the conversation went as you might expect. The labor and delivery continued, and the child was born on the father's birthday.

The baby boy had his father's features. As he grew older, he looked more and more like his father. The woman's husband did not know he was not the biological father, and chose to believe the child resembled his wife.

The kid's personality was as specific to the biological father as were his physical features. Each passing year, the mother noticed more evidence of nature over nurture. The boy wore out his shoes the same way his father did, with that funny, distinctive walk they had. They had the same killer dead-eye stare when angry. They both had three front teeth and had to have one removed. They both had trouble at school, not because they couldn't handle the content (both scored the highest grades in their classes and highest test scores in their schools' histories) but because they couldn't get along with the other kids. Behavior problems and meetings with the teachers happened every school year.

A rape is a short, sharp shock.

Raising the child of a rape is a lifetime reminder of the worst night of her life.

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