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(I ran away from home for a couple of months and in a drugged haze writ this (caffeine and Booker's).)

Dear Alabama,

I love you.

I am out of my brain, what you mistake and call mind. Mind is a trope for the work of the brain; it implies that the brain, a computer, has software.

No, the brain is hard wired and that’s the beauty and horror.

I am in a place, Alabama, where many folk crazy; sometimes seems most folk crazy.


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They, the many, dont have the
simple human selfishness which says,
I will vote for folk who will deliver
to me what I need, and sometimes what I want and need.

They vote for folk who take what they need and want to give to the super rich and corporations.

They accept the false premise that labor does not contribute to the wealth of the country, that they dont deserve some of the wealth produced and protected by them too.

They accept the argument, liberals, Democrats, and other socialists want
to take money from the rich
and give it to the undeserving middle
and poor.

Dont you know a tax break for the wealthy gives some of the money of the general populace to folk at the top.  The tax break must have some other sources to balance it. Guess where the money comes from, you, budgets to repair roads, bridges, schools, to pay police officers, teachers,  and other necessary public employees and public facilities.

Income is income. Need I repeat? Income is income.

Why tax income from sweat of brow (and other hard work cliches) and not tax income from investments by folk who dont break a nail, or, as is apparent dont invest in this country anymore.

Your pa and ma who work their asses into an early grave pay a higher rate; their children join the military because no jobs out here in civilian life to protect folk who pay lesser rate and dont break a sweat.

You accept that it's investment that produces jobs?
Hell, Investment is attracted to demand.

(Except when some business oligarchs want that nigger out of the whitey house.)

demand produces jobs.

Demand attracts investment. Some greed good. Greed that devastates an economy aint.

Forget the highfaluting economist's argot.

Any dirt farmer knows that when demand for her crop is low, she gets paid less, or even sometimes can't sell it.

Demand attracts investment and produces jobs.

Dont give tax breaks and incentives, except to beginning industries such as solar, wind, thermal, and the tides.

Fact: Oil, gas, and nuclear are subsidize up the wazoo. Dont need to be, excepting nuclear.
Opinion: If we stop subsidizing oil and its varied and myriad poisons, perhaps solar and wind may play better in the market.

Market. The Market. Way those folk talk about it it's a live being, the way corporations are live beings and can do every political thing except vote.

They can buy votes.

The market made of human individuals who feel and practice varying degrees of greed. Right now it's excessive by some. And they get tax breaks.

Big oil makes huge profits and yet we subsidize them.

Why isn't your lunch deductible? The wear and tear on your manual push mower? Your toothbrush? Your last nerve?

“A high earning individual has not only worked hard, but has also benefited a great deal from the larger system. The community's infrastructure, security and human capital (education and skills) are the background factors that have made his wealth possible.

“By working hard within that system, they have utilized these factors more than someone else. They have directly benefited by attaining an education and by using the roads, bridges and airports built and maintained by the state, for instance. And they may have benefited indirectly by employing people educated by public schools, and purchasing from vendors who import goods through government-secured ports and shipping lanes.  “


Now many of these, nay, most Alabamans may vote against a sitting president who tried, tries, and succeeded in some cases to provide better lives for the most of us. I say this because of history.

They have reelected Senators Shelby and Sessions.

A farmer from Section knew when I asked him, what produces jobs?

“What folk want to buy.”

That’s a more succinct answer than any politician or economist has given, and truer. Fits facts.

Folk in Alabama know that (they aint ignorant, just stupid), yet still vote for senators and representatives who vote
for the super rich and corporations.

They vote against own self interest.

That’s crazy.

Even nigger haters in Alabama should vote for President Obama; he’s done more for their families than the Republicans.

Nigger haters root for coloured players in the NBA, NFL, U of A, Auburn, and A&M.

Republicans have stopped most of what he wanted to do because they want

the first nigger president

to have one term. So say, see.

Republicans know that you will see President Obama’s failures as his alone, though they stopped most of his proposed legislation and policies.

Even said and say in public their goal.

They know you crazy.

Hate niggers, but you know that like in the NBA only the best make it.

True equality would be, we have
a mediocre black president, such as most
of the previous white ones.

The only great ones during my lifetime, Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower.

Nixon would have been except for Watergate.

Clinton would have been if he’d simply said, yes, I had sex with that woman and it was an insult to my family and country.

Both could have saved us long and tedious legal and political dissonance.

President Obama a great president, and he’d be even greater if the Republican white men, mostly, didn’t nigger hate so much they’d sabotage America to get him out of the White House.

He doesn’t have trysts with anyone except his fine wife.

Your daughters are safe.

And he has helped you in spite of your opposition, spite, and spit.

If you nigger haters dont reelect him you’re crazy.

You tolerate black athletes on your state university teams, on your pro teams. Hell you root for those rich niggers. You have a superstar as President and you want to trade him for a Romney?

You root for coloured folk in the Pro leagues where they’re rich and their play doesn’t materially benefit you.

You crazy.

Yet you won’t vote for a president, first in a long time, who works to improve your lives.

Do something sane for a change.

Historically conservatives railed against big government AND big business.

Alabama goes for President Obama, they’d get the message.

And the moderate and conservative Republicans may even get their party back.

And I'll know you love me too.

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