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No, I'm not talking of the angry conservatives ransacking the black part of town or anything like that.  No, I'm speaking of the Republican spin of the election, which of course most of the tv news media will eat up!  Follow me below the crumbled treble clefs.


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A Republican will brag on TV in a heartbeat if they win.  They feed on bullying people.  If they lose, they frame it like the other side didn't win.  They did this on the VP and second and third presidential debates.  It's almost like the black knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail!  He insists he's winning until he's lost all his limbs, and then proclaims "Alright, we'll call it a draw.", then he yells taunts at Arthur as Arthur rides away.  

I see us maintaining our same number in the senate, or even gaining seats there.  I see us winning the presidency with quite a few electoral votes to spare.  I see us gaining house seats, but I have no clue how many.  They will attack any weakness we have.  Especially if we lose the popular vote for president.  They'll say "the American people didn't pick him.  In reality we won!"  To which I'm sure most of us would remind them of 2000, which they'll of course deflect.  The news media will too.  If they can get drama from agreeing that Obama didn't really win, they will.  Sadly, I think part of the American populace will agree.  Should we care?  Probably not.  If it happens, I'd liken it to revenge for 2000.  

Even with us winning more seats in the senate, they'd be crowing that we don't have a super majority, (Never mind the fact that that was never in the cards.  What'd they expect us to do?  Win Utah's seat?  Wyoming?).  We win a good amount of house seats, say 21?  "We still control congress, and they can't do anything about it."  That's Republicans for you.  They do not play well with others, as we know.

I'm worried about how my neighbors and family will treat me.  They know I'm a Democrat, and they are, for the most part, ardent Republicans.  They feel Obama has destroyed the country, or that he's the anti-christ, or as my mom thinks, the devil himself.  I live in southern Virginia.  Rampant racism, hatred of liberalism, and downright meanness dominate the 60% of people that are white here. I say this as a young white man myself.  Maybe they'll take the defeat in stride, as most think Obama will win anyway.  However, with the way the media will portray it, as either just eaking out a win or not having a technical win, I'm not so sure.  I'll be pretty ostracized, but it beats losing. A few weeks and they'll just go back to grumbling and I'll be laughing at them behind their backs here on DK!

(I hope this diary isn't too concern trollish.  I didn't mean it to be.  Just putting my thoughts down and looking to have a conversation.)

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