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As I reported in an earlier diary, I work out at a gym every day, & use the same piece of cardio equipment for an hour. Since the last debate it seems I am a must stop for every right wing male in order to set me straight. However, they always seem taken aback when I not only don't cower but actively fight back. Today was over the top.


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Yesterday morning I was working out when a gentleman wanted Fox to be put on the television near where I was working out with my sister. We objected, as we were there first, & Fox was already on a TV right next to it. He could just park himself on the eliptical in front of that TV. We won & he was unhappy. Just how unhappy I didn't realize until this morning.

I swim through Sandy to get to the gym, get to the arc trainer I use & find that the usual ESPN is on FOX. Now there is no one on the elliptical behind me or the treadmill in front of me or the arc trainer next to me so I ask the floor trainer to switch it to the usual ESPN. I choose that area to work out so I don't have to fight over channels. It is always on ESPN. Well, the shit hit the fan.

The same gentleman from yesterday screamed & I do mean screamed "Typical liberal". I said yes I am a liberal. He then continued screaming, "You want to take all of our rights away". He then screamed "Call your girlfriends on your free Obama Phone". I muttered under my breath about how that's typical FOX crap, not true, but whatever. Then the hammer dropped. He screamed "Well I am sure you have had 5 abortions this morning. You all love abortions".

THAT TORE IT. I WAS INCENSED. HOW DARE HE? He had no idea who I was & if he thought to scare me, he was wrong. I am a 55 year old menopausal Jewish mom standing about 5'2" soaking wet. I went up to his almost 6' body, shook my finger at him & said loudly "HOW DARE YOU" "DON'T YOU EVER SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO ME AGAIN" I asked "Do you have daughters?" He said yes. I said "I hope nothing ever happens to them" He said, "Don't worry, they don't go to parties with their stomachs hanging out asking to be raped". Did I mention that he was wearing a yamukah  while he was spewing this crap at me?

At this point I had to channel my inner Barney Frank chanting in my mind that he was a dining room table so there was no point in arguing with him. I went to the floor trainer, insisted he change the tv now, & got on my machine. The man wasn't finished, saying "Get on that Obama phone & call all your girlfriends" When Michelle & the President were pictured, he said "There's the King & Queen handing out food to poor people".

He got off the machine not too soon after, & two other women came in the gym & changed the televisions off FOX all together. He went and ranted to some friends down at the other end of the gym, & finally made sure he went by me to try & intimidate me when he left. I just stuck my tongue out at his back when he left.

Again, I am not actively challenging these people, but they seem to become more unhinged as the election approaches. As I said before, it just means we are doing something right. I am not apologizing. I will not be intimidated. I am FIRED UP & READY TO GO....FORWARD!!!!!

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