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Welcome to bookchat where you can talk about anything...books, plays, essays, and books on tape.  You don’t have to be reading a book to come in, sit down, and chat with us

Tell us about your favorite spooky tales and then take a minute to fill in the story and copy it to us.  You may change words and add words as needed to fill in the blanks. (for some reason, maybe because of the blanks, I am getting italics where I didn't have any so please ignore).

Halloween Story

cfk 10-31-12

Once upon a time where the hills of Sorrow poured a river of silver light down to the

village of Gorat, there lived a _________.

This  ____  was not a monster, but a survivor of ______.

Surviving and not hiding, but living _______ was the true way.

Yet on Hallowe’en, all the memories came to the fore and the

______  returned to the place of his creation and birth, the house of


  High above the town of Gorat, the old house stood outlined against a harvest moon.

______  were its shutters and  ______  the high-arched inner door

of the famous  ______  where hunters of old had sat at ease to

drink  ______  on the 31rst of October for centuries.

____ entered the gloom of the room.  His steps  ________  and

the raven above the mantel sitting on the chandelier mocked him with curses.  

  “_________,”   he replied in the old tongue and with a gesture,

lit the fire.  The flames  ______  and bells down in Gorat


“It is time,” said the other guest who swiveled in his chair and looked at

_____.   “I call upon you to renounce  _______  and

to accept  ________.”

The young  ______  laughed until tears ran down his cheeks.  The sound

ran around the old mansion from darkest dungeon to the


  “Never,” he said.  He opened the  _______  and drank deeply of


“Then why did you come?” asked the guest whose face looked  ______

 in the dim light.

“I came to  _________  forever from this house.  I came to

_____  it before your eyes.  Next year will be a new beginning for us all.”

“You dare!”  

“I insist.”

“Over my dead body!”


  With that the fire died, the raven flew out the window and


  Slowly, the sun rose over the hills and the cock crew.  The people of Gorat climbed

the church tower and looked up to the sinister ridge where lightning had flashed all


All that remained was  ____________.  

Down the road to the village trudged the  ________.

He, at least, was  ____________.


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My favorite spooky and wonderful story is The Devil and Daniel Webster by Stephen Vincent Benet.


What is yours?

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Originally posted to Readers and Book Lovers on Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 05:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by Progressive Friends of the Library Newsletter.


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