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Still shocked that Brown, the Heck-u-va-job Oklahoma native actually had the gall to speak up at all, much less state that Obama and FEMA acted too soon in during the Hurricane Sandy disaster.

I know a lot of other diarists and commenters have been harping on this issue, and good for them. The qualities of this man make me feel ashamed as an Oklahoma Native. He disgusts me.

This is what Browny and the Bush administration wrought on American soil.

There were endemic problems in the Gulf States devastated by Katrina, but [and this is a mighty big but!] It was Brownie's lack of leadership skills, professionalism, pertinent knowledge for the job itself, compassion, and a preponderance of attitude that communicated he was above all those people [for a variety of reasons, race and class being but two] that allowed him to act in such a reckless manner.

I cannot for the life of me imagine why he would ever show his face again, in the context of any Natural Disaster on these shores, ever.

Why wait? Why wait to respond, when we have the technology and the manpower to respond quickly and efficiently to disasters overseas, to war torn invasions, and insurgencies--but this guy would have us leave our own people swinging in the wind.


When Wal-Mart sent three trailer trucks loaded with water, FEMA officials turned them away, he said. Agency workers prevented the Coast Guard from delivering 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, and on Saturday they cut the parish's emergency communications line, leading the sheriff to restore it and post armed guards to protect it from FEMA, Mr. Broussard said. NYT 2005
Is this what he had in mind? When individual Americans and corporations step up to help fellow citizens, he wants to what? Wait for a couple of days and see what develops? This isn't a camera kiosk in a mall parking lot. These are real people in real trouble who are depending upon their fellow citizens to respond quickly and professionally.
Doctors eager to help sick and injured evacuees were handed mops by federal officials who expressed concern about legal liability. Even as violence and looting slowed rescues, police from other states were turned back while officials squabbled over who should take charge of restoring the peace. Leadership Vacuum Stymied Aid Offers.
You know what Vacuums do?

They Suck.

Not that even MORE recent flubs about women and rape haven't been indicative of GOP incompetence and idiocy, but to me Brownie is the current Poster Boy as to why the GOP deserves to loose the presidential election in 2012.
As if the Housing Crash wasn't enough
and the Climate Change Denial, and the incestuous affairs with big Corporations, the union busting, and voter intimidation/disenfranchisement now and in 2008 wasn't enough. Brownie is a perfect end to a perfectly dreadful political party.

Thank you FEMA for responding quickly. Thank you Obama Administration and all those state level First Responders and to the military for stepping up in a timely manner. I was sickened when Katrina went down as it did, and I am glad that Sandy didn't end the same way.

Thank you current federal, state, and military officials for not Pulling a Massive Brownie.


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Thu Nov 01, 2012 at  8:27 AM PT: It occurred to me last night, that I perceive the job that Brownie Flubbed, as a sort of surrogate parental role. Ideally you are stepping in and protecting and helping people when they are down and out due to a disaster of some sort--natural or otherwise.

As a parent myself, I cannot ever imagine treating my kids or any relatives or neighbors the way that Brownie treated the people in the Gulf States, especially New Orleans.  In fact, if I did treat my kids like that, I would be brought up on charges for abuse and neglect. Brownie should have been brought up on charges for abuse of authority and neglect of his fellow citizens through his bad faith when he took the post.

When a commenter here, posted a quote from Think Progress about Brownie insisting that Obama and other political leaders could get more political mileage out of this disaster, he confirmed all the worst that I ever thought about Brownie as a "person".


Milking the misery of fellow citizens in order to appear "heroic" and feel "powerful" is a sure sign of a genuine psychological pathology, in addition to being a blatant sign of a lack of professionalism, compassion, or even the barest hint of leadership skills. To me it is also a sign of disloyalty.

Perhaps it's my military training that is rearing it's head, but twisting the knife in your own, to get more points is fucking sick.

Thank you Skeptical Observer for posting your comment--It really needs to be driven home how twisted and self serving this person is in real life, and how he should never, ever be put in charge of anything important ever again, especially if it involves the welfare of human beings. The "Milking It" commentary certainly makes more sense in the context of the block quotes I posted above regarding FEMA's weird behavior during Katrina. I guess we know now.

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