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     Ronald Reagan Jr. (Ron) was on Hardball with Chris Matthews Tuesday night.  They were talking about Romney's lie-of-the-day where he falsely tried to spew that Chrysler's Jeep was shipping American jobs to China.


MATTHEWS: Well, they`re not backing down, of course. They`re also running misleading radio ads on the same topic in cities like Dayton and Toledo.

This stuff, you know, weeks ago, the Romney campaign said, we`re not going to let this campaign be run by fact-checkers. I mean, I have never heard it said, you just say, we don`t care if you find out we`re lying. Lying is a bad word. We don`t care if you catch us. We`re going to keep doing it, because we`re desperate.

Ron Reagan was lit up and blasted Romney with both barrels:
RON REAGAN: ... influenced by fact-checkers. Yes, well, they may be desperate. Look, Ohio is going to be the clincher for this election. Everybody has been saying it and it`s probably true.

       So, Mitt Romney probably hopes that the truth isn't going to find him in Ohio at some point here.

       He's been a shapeshifter his entire political career. This shouldn't surprise us, and yet somehow he's taken it to a new level. The Romney campaign attaches itself to untruth like a sexually aroused little dog on a visitor's leg. I mean, it just starts humping away at these lies here.

       As you said, he makes the speech where he says that he read something somewhere about Jeep going overseas to China. It's pointed out to him that`s not true.

       Chrysler points out to him that that's not true. So what does he do?
Doubles down with a TV ad.

       That`s point -- it's pointed out that that ad is not true. What does he do? Triples down with a radio ad, too. It is just extraordinary. And the question is, do Ohioans, do Americans, does the media tolerate this level of dishonesty from a presidential candidate? I hope not.

     I could not have said it any better than Ron Reagan.  Thanks Ron!  What a brilliant analogy:
The Romney campaign attaches itself to untruth like a sexually aroused little dog on a visitor`s leg. ... it just starts humping away at these lies

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       Romney really does think we still live in the Cold War Era -- a time before the internet could get the truth out in exponential time, or at least, with the same speed a lie is spewed.

       By the time Romney finished telling his first Jeep lie, have the world new it was a lie thanks to the internet.  Then, when Romney doubled down on the lie with his TV and radio ad, the entire world was reminded that Mitt Romney is a pathological liar ... or as Ron Reagan said, "The Romney campaign attaches itself to untruth like a sexually aroused little dog on a visitor`s leg. ... it just starts humping away at these lies"

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