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This week, the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) joined the Courage Campaign and numerous other unions and progressive organizations, supporting the Courage Campaign's California Progressive Election Center.

If you are a California voter, I encourage you to take a look and to take action.  

The Courage Campaign's Progressive Election Center has phonebank options, volunteer options, videos and a downloadable and shareable CA Progressive Voter Guide,  where you can find the progressive positions of 14 participating organizations including Planned Parenthood,  PresentePAC, CREDO Action, the CA Federation of Teachers and AFSCME Council 57.

NUHW's positions are NO on 32, YES on 30 and 37.

Join me on the flip for more...


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I'd like to share an email sent to thousands of California healthcare workers from two members of the NUHW E-Board, Maria Padilla-Castro, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist at the Kaiser Sacramento Chemical Dependency and Recovery Program and Eloise Reese-Burns, a Certified Nursing Assistant at Cottonwood Health Care, a long term care facility in Woodland, CA.

Dear Friend and Ally,

Billionaires and CEOs who don't even live in California have an agenda that they've put on the ballot in next week's election.

First, a grab bag of anti-union billionaires is seeking to silence workers with Proposition 32. We urge you to vote NO on 32.

Prop 32's supporters pretend they're trying to get special interest money out of California politics, but in reality, the measure is designed to prevent union members from engaging in the political process in order to ensure that the lobbyists for banks, oil companies, and healthcare corporations like Kaiser and Sutter Health are the only voices heard in Sacramento.

Prop 32 would ban NUHW and other unions from collecting voluntary political contributions through payroll deduction. If Prop 32 passes, the political playing field will only tilt further in favor of big corporations and against working people. Please vote NO on 32.

Second, outside groups are sending millions into California to defeat Governor Brown's Proposition 30, a plan that would increase taxes on the wealthy and slightly increase our sales tax in order to properly fund our schools and other services for working people. We urge you to vote YES on 30.

And to protect our food and children's health, the NUHW E-Board also urges you to vote YES on 37, to force agribusiness to tell us when they have genetically modified the food they sell.

Here's a funny and informative video from our friends at the Courage Campaign for more information regarding Propositions 30 and 32:

The NUHW Executive Board urges you to vote in next week's election and we recommend that you use the Courage Campaign voter guide to inform your vote.

Here's a link.

For more information on the billionaires behind Prop 32, please read this blog post from NUHW President Sal Rosselli.


Maria Padilla-Castro, LCSW, Therapist, Kaiser Sacramento CDRP
Eloise Reese-Burns, CNA, Cottonwood Health Care
National Union of Healthcare Workers    


Paul Delehanty works as a communications specialist at NUHW. Please, follow NUHW on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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Originally posted to Paul Delehanty on Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 02:36 PM PDT.

Also republished by Dream Menders and California politics.

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