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Having worked on the Obama campaign in 2008, I knew the ground game here is incredible. But the early voting lines today were insane and I have to believe this will be our biggest day for early voting.

First location on S. Las Vegas Blvd in the outlet mall had a 2 hour wait, so we decided to look for another location.


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We headed over to the southwest part of town, a new and growing suburb. Now, for the record I had already early voted but an incredible thing happened today that forced me to go wait in line again.

My friend of 20 years, a fairly conservative Republican who has never voted for a Democrat in past presidential campaigns confided in me that he was going to vote for Barack Obama. I was shocked, we talk politics often but always civil. But I just thought we would always cancel each other out. Once he verbally committed I wasn't going to let him off the hook, and waited in line with him at the second location. This was was well over an hour, he never complained and only said that it was worth the wait to avoid the "Romney Apocalypse".

I laughed so hard I was in tears, but wanted to follow up and see what was inspiring his first vote for a Democratic candidate. His answer was beautiful :

"Well, you know I dont agree with a lot of Obama's policies and views, but I at least know what his policies and views are. And I have never doubted they are rooted in his deep belief that they will work. Romney, I have no clue what he stands for and simply cant put my trust in someone who doesn't trust himself."

Anyway, I trust Nevada will make the right decision but hope this thing is wrapped up at 8pm Eastern Time on Tuesday

UPDATE : HEY ! Thanks to everyone for my first time on the Rec list ! As a token of my appreciation I have uploaded a photo from the first early voting location we stopped at. Thanks Again !

This line was over 2 hours according to the poll observer and wrapped around the inside of one of our largest malls

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