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Its funny how narratives begin in the media. We hear them, read them and yet there is little we can do to stop them.

I recall one in particular - since the time of the DNC Convention - that Obama could not bring in the same crowds he used to in the old days...Join me after the doohickey for an exercise in media narrative-breaking.


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According to Sam Stein at HuffPo

POTUS 42+44=14,000.

The first stop of the second-to-last day of the presidential campaign brought with it a new political record in the politically rich state of New Hampshire.

The Obama campaign drew 14,000 people to an outdoor rally in Concord.

That was the biggest crowd for a campaign event in Granite State history, the Obama campaign said. The prior record seems to have been the 8,500 people that Obama drew to an Oct. 27 rally in Nashua. Following that rally, WMUR political analyst James Pindell reportedly said it was the largest campaign gathering the state had ever seen. Obama's Sunday morning event -- which featured speeches from both him and former president Bill Clinton -- shattered that total.

New Hampshire is a small state. The capital, Concord, has a population of less than 43,000. But it has also witnessed its share of campaign moments, owing to the tightly contested primaries every four years and its status as a toss-up state in the general election. So for Obama to have set the record there says something about his continued appeal in the state, especially since he has had difficulty drawing crowds of the size he drew as a presidential candidate four years ago.

I can just hear that enthusiasm gap. And you want to know a secret: When PBO and the Boss hit downtown Madison, WI tomorrow...I predict 50,000.

Obama Checklist:
1) Put NH away:  
2) Put WI away and get Baldwin elected: _TBA___

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How many fired up Dems will attend President Obama's rally in Madison tomorrow?

26%57 votes
19%43 votes
21%47 votes
18%41 votes
9%21 votes
3%7 votes

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