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So this is it. It is election day!

Sunday evening Elizabeth Warren came to energize the troops here on Cape Cod. She was followed by the press, including two television stations.


Every two years the Barnstable Democratic Town Committee holds an election eve (eve) rally for Cape Cod candidates. It used to be headlined by Teddy Kennedy. This year Congressman Bill Keating who is running for reelection in the 9th district, introduced Warren to a loud cheering crowd.

Warren spoke to us about getting out the vote. She shared a few anecdotes about her campaign this past year and one stood out out for me. Scott Brown was interviewed and was asked to respond to a concern about his voting record that Elizabeth Warren had been talking about in her speeches and on her commercials.
Senator Centerfold responded, "that woman shouldn't be talking about my votes!"

"That woman" has been talking about his votes because woman and middle class voters have been talking about his votes.
Brown, the pretty-boy who was once a nude centerfold model, was hoping we wouldn't be paying attention to what he was doing while he was in Washington
Well, we were.

Senator Centerfold has been all over the airwaves the past few days sharing his new message in addition to his declaration that he is an "independent thinker," - with lots of dramatic music and images of him in his uniform, with his photogenic family and in his friggin' $600 barn coat and gas guzzling truck ... all images with over-layed with graphic text saying "VOTE THE PERSON, NOT THE PARTY."

Once again, our friend is hoping that we don't pay attention to what he really represents.

Scott Brown, the person, is a Republican, and no matter what his voting record says - he claims "just over 50'% voting with his party, but the actual records show 67%, compiled by a nonpartisan group who used the ACTUAL votes - he voted with his party when it counted and those votes were against, women, students and the middle class.

SCOTT BROWN IS A *REPUBLICAN.*  He is registered as a Republican and supported by Republicans and thus bound by the Republican platform he voted to approve.That platform is bad; this is not your grandfather's Republican Party. It isn't just about smaller government, it is about a government who favors the money and tries to infuse religious and archaic ideals into government policies. And Senator Centerfold is right in the middle of it.

How can we trust him? He tells us he's pro-choice while at the same time a nation pro-choice group is endorsing him with thousands of dollars in donated mailings.

More than any other time I can remember, the rights of women are seriously at risk. We can't afford to lose any of the ground we've gained.

Elizabeth Warren understands that. She knows what the middle class, students, women, men, families, and seniors need. She knows what is fair and how to accomplish it.

Brown is just another pretty face.  We need someone who will go to Washington and not try to hide what's she's doing, but share it with us. We need a Senator who will represent us. And, MA needs a woman in the Senate. We may be a blue state, but MA has a shameful record for electing women to congress.
I say we add one more woman to the list, TODAY.



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Originally posted to 51 Percent on Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 10:59 PM PST.

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