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No matter how miffed you are at President Obama, YOU MUST VOTE FOR HIM as well as ALL OTHER DEM CANDIDATES down to dog catcher. Staying home because of valid disappointments in Obama is JUST PLAIN SELFISH, putting one's ego and an insistence on philosophical purity AHEAD OF YOUR DUTY to your town, your neighbors, your state, and your country.

It takes a village to vote in an incumbent Democrat into the White House. I know, I know, there are dozens of ways that Obama has let us down. He gave up on single payer healthcare even before it had a chance to get onto the table. His AG hasn't pursued Bush-era crimes and treason, as any self-respecting democracy should be prepared to do to maintain the strong foundation of integrity it was founded on. Beyond that there are the new offshore oil leases and continuing drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. These beefs need to be brought back into the public's eye from Nov. 7 onwards, but for the sake of putting ourselves into the position to make ANY changes that progressives and Occupy seek, step one is to prevent the GOP blockade. That means a second term for Obama, and Democratic control of the House and Senate.

So those of you who are aware of, and disturbed by, these sad flaws in the Obama presidency, we call on you to vote all-Democratic and hold you nose if necessary. Think about it; Romney/Ryan = at least two Supreme Court judges chosen to overturn Roe v. Wade. Romney/Ryan = NO OVERSIGHT on polluters, frackers, Wall St. kingpins, corporate tax avoiders, and in the process of elections.


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And to my conservative friends, please vote Democratic just this once to purge your chosen party of the CORPservative/tea party/Koch brothers politicians who are pious with a corporate bias.

You know in your heart that most of the leaders of the Republican Party have values skewed towards corporate control, with division in place of inclusion, hate and fear instead of knowledge and understanding of others, and unless you're a millionaire there's nothing they've done in the last 12 years to actually make YOUR lives better apart from comforting (if empty) rhetoric.

Think about it; a total defeat of Republicans in power now will be the referendum you need to reshape your party later in a more honorable, inclusive form. This is the time you redirect the GOP towards actual conservatism without policies on healthcare, job outsourcing, and fairness in general being twisted towards corporatist preferences.

And, it's OK if you blow me off and say "I'll never vote Democrat(ic) as long as I live." I honor and value your right to vote, because my take on democracy doesn't deny you your voice at the ballot box. You'll note that the GOP takes the opposite approach, stripping millions of their voting opportunity through new voter photo ID restrictions because of A COUPLE OF DOZEN CASES OF VOTER FRAUD NATIONWIDE.

If you think that these laws are valid, necessary, and sufficiently justified in excluding over 10,000,000 legal voters, you've drunk way too much Kool-aid. The GOP approach to voter fraud is, "Gosh, we better shoot the horse just in case somebody leaves the barn door open." If denial allows you to slip into that mindset, please attempt to take your mind back over time from Limbaugh and Karl Rove, the two men who have crafted this particular flavor of delusional indignation.

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