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A large group of tired, hard-working campaigners sat around the television at the Mid-Cape Democratic Town Committee campaign headquarters with the obligatory election-night pizza and watched the election returns. Computers were running and smartphones were lit up as we sought the local, state and national numbers.

We were watching ABC when phones started ringing and people were hearing that NBC had called the race for Warren. There was sort of a confusing cheer, we were watching numbers -results - that were close but hadn't see the race called. We switched to NBC and waited to see the call for ourselves. We did. We cheered.

She won. With a small percentage of precincts still out in the middle of the night here in MA - she seems to have done it 54% to 46%.  

Senator Centerfold, let me get that the door for you, and don't let it hit you in that centerfold crease on your way out.    

Warren's acceptance speech included so many of the things we want to hear, she will represent us and keep us in mind while she does the work in Washington.  We won't be uncovering votes that were taken as part of a party platform, votes that are detrimental to us, the people she represents.

We can TRUST her.

And, in her acceptance speech she reminded us that 50 years ago last night, Teddy Kennedy gave his acceptance speech as he first took the office of the US Senate.  For those of us sitting in that office in Teddy's hometown, that means more than anyone can ever understand. If you lived here, you knew him.

Elizabeth Warren visiting Cape Cod Democrats at our election rally in Hyannis on Sunday with her husband, daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren:

Elizabeth Warren is the first woman elected to the US Senate in MA. We have never elected a woman governor and out of 10 congressmen, only one is a congresswoman.

And it appears that overall Democrats have a net gain in the senate, along with more women than every before.

So many people worked so hard on her campaign, many gave up summers and weekends spending hours knocking on doors or with phones attached to their ears.

Her win would make Teddy smile.

To make the night even better and Teddy's smile grow wider, over in the southeastern part of our state, where Democrat Barney Frank has retired, young Joe Kennedy, Teddy Kennedy's grand-nephew, won his bid for a seat in congress.

As I type, there are still races too close to call, but it appears President Obama has won in numbers that, to me, represent a mandate. The GOP of the old white men is fading fast. We have hit the refresh button and have started to see a change in who governs our country. Tonight, the state of NH for example, has become the first state with all of its Washington Reps - Senate and Congress - women. And they've elected a women governor.

Oh, and as a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, if anyone sees him wandering around looking for something to do, please tell Mr (not Gov!!!) Romney to stop calling this state home. And please tell him it's time for him to just GO AWAY away. Buh Bye!

A Message to the GOP: Start a war on women and you might not like how each battle is won.


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