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This is from a facebook fight I had and I thought my response to being called a "fucking liberal" was good enough to share.  

I'm a liberal. No a proud liberal and here is why. If you don't like the president for policy reasons then fine. But if you call yourself a Republican or Right leaning then look at the state of the party. Its been overrun by racists, misogynists, and gay hating clowns. If these are the flag bearers of conservatism and you think that they were going to convince more than half of the US to vote for them then you're living in a dream world. Run those people out and then get back to me if you ever want my vote. Whatever sane message the Right has is drowned out by this noise. but its not the noise i'm worried about its the policies that effect everyone's life negatively. That's what the "U" in United States stands for everyone. To have empathy for people and push for policies that are the right thing to do even when it doesn't effect me directly. That's what being a Liberal is all about. No matter what you might hear Rush say or Fox say Liberal is not a dirty word.



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7:58 PM PT: UPDATE: So my facebook neo-con and I came to terms and made up and I think we found some common ground. Here was my reply after he agreed with my on the state of the Republican Party.

 We can come together on some things. I don't want people to be penalized for being rich but I don't want people to use their wealth to exploit people. Mitt Romney is a perfect example of this. He made a lot of money with Bain capital but he is not this great business man that people make him out to be. He made his money by taking advantage of struggling companies and made money no matter if they failed or succeeded. In a classic mafia like bust out scheme. So himself and people like him make money from money and never created one job or had any skin in the game like a real entrepreneur. This is as Un-American as it gets. So how do we separate real entrepreneurs who should be rewarded by the government for innovation and providing opportunity to Americans from people who just engage in rampant usury.

So I think this is a really valid question. How do we separate the future Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the world form the future Mitt Romney's?

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