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It appears that about 85,000 voters who voted for Obama in Nevada cast no vote for the two main candidates in the Senate race, based on a review of the CNN vote totals with 93% reporting:  Barack Obama approx. 529,000; Shelley Berkley about 444,000.  

The number of such voters stands at 50,000 in Clark County alone.  (It's safe to assume that blank votes for President and cross-over votes for Dean Heller were negligible.)

What a shame. Shelley Berkley could have won going away.  In comparison, the number of non-Senate-voting Romney supporters was only 6000.

I'm glumly looking forward to an analysis of this race's cross-tabs.

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5:33 PM PT: 100% reporting


Obama 529,005

Romney 462,607

Johnson (LIB) 10,908

None of these 5,753

Goode (IAP) 3,234

Total: 1,011,507

Berkley 444,513

Heller 456,640

Vanderbeeck (IAP) 48,558

None of these 44,907

Total 994,618

There were 16,000 more overall votes cast in the presidential contest than in the senate race.  In the senate race, 45,000 voted "none of these," and 49,000 voted for a third party.  

That's about 110,000 voters who chose not to vote for the two main parties in the senate race.  In contrast, for the presidential contest, only 5753 voted "none of these," and 14,142 voted for a third party.

Of the 85,000 Obama voters who did not vote for Shelley, it is clear that many voted for "none of these," and as many as 16,000 did not cast a vote for senator at all.

But how many Obama supporters would vote consciously for the Independent American Party (the party of Virgil Goode) instead of the Democrat Shelley Berkley??  Apparently at least about 22,000 of them.

It's hard to believe there are 45,000 partisan IAP voters who would vote for Vanderbeeck and yet not vote for Goode. In other words, those voters for Vandenbeeck were largely Obama voters.  

Why? Much of this result to me defies logic and indicates a significant issue of needed voter education.

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