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The (Progressive) Zombie Taker Apocalypse is at hand according to noted conservative libertarian paranoid weapons hoarder Jeff G at Protein Wisdom, and be warned you slacker, government loving, things and stuff wanting, professional leftists, academics and other assorted leeches on the body politic, your time will come, and when it does there'll be hell to pay:

We now have dibs on “I told you so”– not with respect to the President or the professional left or even many in the media and academia, who have spent decades finessing history and massaging narratives and dumbing down the “masses” until they could seize this particular historical moment, to sabotage the last best hope on earth and turn it into just another socialist police state run by a permanent ruling class and its bureaucratic army (that is, them) — but with the useful idiots who they wooed and fooled and used to secure their power.   And though that’s cold comfort, at least it’s something to hold onto when it all goes pear shaped. [...]

Not being surprised at the coming collapse will hopefully give us an edge.

One other thing, and I’m serious about this:  consider some sort of identification, a kind of marker, that lets others of your kind know who you are and where you stand implicitly.  Get over your aversion to tattoos; a small “live free or die” or “don’t tread on me” somewhere on your person might just one day save your from the zombie hordes.  Hell. Use henna if you have to.  If you’re into irony, maybe a yellow Star of David sewn to your suit jacket.

Because make no mistake.  They’ll be coming.  They have to.  It’s just a matter of how long it takes before the revolution starts and the country divides into factions.  The takers have now voted themselves your labor and liberty.  But I suspect when it comes time to forcibly take it, that’s when the seriousness sets in. [...]

Be your own master.  Smile. Knowingly.  And wait.

Our time will once again come.

By all means go get yourself that tattoo so when the rebellion against the tyranny of - Blacks? Hispanics? Obamacare Death Panels? Married Gays? Vaginas? - comes you won't shoot your fellow travelers by mistake.  May I suggest you place that tattoo on your foreheads, just to be sure you recognize the "White Hats" who you come across traversing that barren, socialist  landscape in the last great war to reclaim America for the only people that matter: white make bloggers with fantasies of Armageddon.

Vive la Revolucion!


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