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"The problem with 'liberals' is they are ALL victims...or HAVE to MAKE everyone a victim."

Someone of 'authority' actually said that to me last week.  Not only did they say it to ME...they literally stood in front of me (a female), a gay male, and another woman in her 60s with a disabled husband and spoke to the 3 of us like we were 4 year old's.

This 'person' knows each of us well.  This 'person' knows our background and lifestyles.  This person KNEW who they were talking to.

'Liberals are always the victim.  And if THEY aren't the victim...they make everyone out to be a victim.  Or create clusters of victims.  Groups of them.  "Binders Full Of Them." I'm paraphrasing here...but you get the picture.  This person continued to 'open mouth insert foot' and say..."You know...the Women...and the Gays...and the Abused...and those on Food Stamps...and in debt...they're all victims."  

This is when each one of our mouths dropped open - as this person - continued on.

The rant continued on with Public Education VS Charter School Options - which is a hot topic presently where I live.  Rape and Abuse and making them a 'bigger deal than it needs to be'.  Equal Pay for Women.  Social Treatment of those with 'non-traditional' lifestyles, choices, ideas, politics, families, education, financial standing, religious points-of-view, and much more.

Again...the more this person spoke...the more the 3 of us just starred at them.

Did we act like mice and back up into a corner?  No.  Did we lose our cool?  No.  Did we laugh at them?  YES.  Outloud.  Infront of them.  "Why are you laughing at me?" They asked.

Because that's the only response it deserved.  I mean, what else COULD we do?

Just when we thought it couldn't get worse...

This person continued on to say "When Romney WINS...you'll see the stock market turn around!  IMMEDIATELY!  Within MINUTES.  You'll see companies start hiring more and more people.  Everything will turn around - YOU'LL SEE!"

One of the three of us said..."Oh!  Does that mean you'll start hiring?" to which they responded..."well, ah...no, but..."

YEAH.  That's what I thought!

So...who's the victim?  Who CREATES a victim?  The victim themselves?  

Does a rape victim asked to be raped?  A battered wife asked to be beaten?  An employee asked for their insurance to be taken away or their boss to fire them for no-reason? Does a female ask for a lower pay for doing the same or more work that her male co-workers?  Does a person ask to be ridiculed or tormented based on their sexual preference, religion, social class, or political party affiliation? I could go on and on.

Who MAKES these victims?  After this whole situation - from last week - I think my answer is people who are oblivious and think 'all liberals are victims or make everyone a victim.'  THOSE are the people that make them victims.  THOSE are people who make 'liberals' LIBERAL.  

(At least THIS Liberal).  

Well excuse me for speaking my mind.  Excuse me for standing up for those who do not have a voice.  Excuse me for caring for and about others...and not just myself.

Apparently YOU don't care about anyone BUT yourself (and your pocketbook).  

Better yet...NO...don't EXCUSE ME...because there is NO EXCUSE FOR YOU!


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Originally posted to jennifervents on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 07:53 AM PST.

Also republished by Feminism, Pro-Feminism, Womanism: Feminist Issues, Ideas, & Activism, Political Language and Messaging, and Community Spotlight.

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