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One of the best things about Obama's victory is that we can bask in the Schadenfreude as we witness the wingnuts' online hysterics. I know some conniption fits from various places have already been posted on DK, but I thought I might as well add some more from the Last Bastion of True American Defenders of Liberty: the Free Republic forums.




There are no curse words here, per se (other than on the first video link), but this stuff is foul and highly offensive, so don't read further if you have you have a low tolerance for hateful--nay, malevolent--language. I actually debated whether or not to post this right up to the point where I clicked finally "publish"; indeed, I'm still debating with myself a bit, because this stuff is so repugnant that part of me thinks that it should never be viewed outside the rancid cesspool of Freep. But if you can contain your disgust, it's an... um... interesting glimpse into the right wing Id. And of course, some people (like me) may find it rather pleasurable to know that people with such despicable worldviews are so acutely aggrieved right now.

Special thanks to the Something Awful forum members who dug much of this stuff up.


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- OK, so the first one isn't from Freep, but this is one of the best YouTube temper tantrums I've ever seen. As the title helpfully notes, this is NSFW.

- Next, we have Freepers' unique views on race/gender difference and voting habits (here and here). I'm sure the women here on DK will be very pleased to learn about the reasons why they voted for Barry Bamz, because being such emotionally brain-muddled creatures, they never could have figured it out without the help of the manly, cerebral intellectuals on Freep!

A litigation attorney, my wife is a logical, critical thinker; and yet, when she talks about Obama, it’s about how handsome and charming he is.

Like college kids, women are emotional voters and thinkers; as a result, they are unable to make wise decisions for the benefit of the nation(Yes, there are exceptions). The Founding Fathers knew this, and that’s why women were denied the vote until the 1920s and children weren’t allowed to vote until the 1970s.

One wonders how his wife can be both "logical" and an "emotional voter," but hey, whatevs, if he says it, it must be true, right? Also, it gets even better here:
You mean white vaginas. That’s all those women are. Nothing but walking, talking crotches who are focused on their next animal rut, and on who will pay for the “remedy” if they end up being “punished” with a baby.

I have absolutely nothing in common with those sluts.

The majority of white women broke for Obama in this election – guess it’s true that “Once you go Barack, you don’t go back!” White women in America control who runs the show, just plain and simple.
Women can’t make it on their own. They need the nanny state to provide for them. When the money runs out, there’s always the credit card.
And by the way, the Freepers want you to know that they are totally not racist at all (from same thread)...
This white woman voted against hussein. Every white woman I’ve spoken to about the election voted against hussein.

In your numbers of “white” women, where are the hispanic women? How many of those hispanic women are free loaders? I suspect that’s where those votes came from.

At least now with their state supplied birth control and abortions the stupid might not breed.
...because "stupid" is totally isn't synonymous with "brown people" there.

- In Freeper Land, there is only one logical solution to this voter problem:

Time to turn back the clock when it comes to voting rights.

Yes, I’m perfectly serious.

Women should not be able to vote. The country has been moving to socialism since they got that right.
(This quote is actually from the previous thread).
Women, blacks and foreigners will line their death nest with the remnants of a great civilization. They can have it. Better dead than red.
- Next, the Freepers offer their psychological insights into all of us DK'ers, i.e., us LIEberals:
Liberals are selfish and because they are selfish they have to dehumanize others to justify their actions to themselves to convince themselves they're not evil people. That's the crux of the problem, that liberals think they are actually doing good, moral deeds. To combat this dehumanization that must take place, I encourage conservatives and non-liberals to look those in your community directly in the eye. Don't do it in an aggressive way. See what you can in those eyes and at the same time remind them that you mean something, that you are worth what they're worth. I have found that most liberals can't look me in the eye except the really angry ones but even if you hold their stares, they tend to look away. When you don't look at liberals, they tend to get paranoid as well, adding to their wish to demean, demonize and dehumanize. It has occured to me that there has to be a sea-change in society where we have to fight for our rights by demanding respect for them on a personal level every day.
They have no shame. They have no guilt. They believe they are “right,” and only based on how they “feel.” There is no logic, only delusional obstinacy.
Thanks, Freep. I always wondered how it was that I convinced myself that I was not evil.

- Needless to say, Obama's re-election can lead to only one thing: civil war, which the Freepers will wage on the front lines. I guess maybe they'll mount their automatic rifles on their Hoverrounds?

Revenge is theirs, they have control, they are in charge... they have wrested America away from us like a bully yanking a child's belongings out of his hands. We are the new minority but without minority status. They will remake America into their own liking, make constitutionalism a relic of the past. Our only power is to stand in resistance and thwart their aims, we will not give them an inch. We are Republican no more, we side with no party... we go underground now.

We are the new minority, let us now become the New Resistance... we don't reach across the isle to "get things done" we throw a wrench into their scheme. We don't merrily accept gay marriage, we stand up to it and say NEVER. We spit whenever we hear the name 0bama. We do not accept your world view... we are the new minority... we are the New Resistance... God damn 0bama's new America and God Bless the New Resistance.

Civil War 2 is here, and I predict IT WILL HAPPEN.
- All of this has them very ashamed of their country:
Anyone who voted democrat is no countryman of mine.

They are willful traitors or stupid animals.

Last night defined who I’ll be going forward. My vote was outnumbered by an ill-informed voter. I shall NEVER again waste my time and vote. We are outnumbered...we have made the ‘turn’ and there is no going back. Minorities are breeding at an alarming rate...we can never outnumber the left. I am officially tuning out...no pride in America...it’s gone.
- They're so livid that they've taken to hiring stupid worthless libtards just so they can fire them.
As per my original post weeks ago, we hired a liberal deliberately so we can fire him once Odumbo wins. Well, because I'm a man of my word, this puke will be fired at the end of the day.

This is therapy as I saw the last posts in 2008 and lots of Freeper bosses fired their libtard employees. It will make me feel good as every liberal's misery is my happiness and this is "revenge" as per that POS p-resident said.

- But all in all, the dominant mood is on Freep is one of deep despair. When I read their gloomy posts, it almost makes me feel kinda bad for them for a second, me being the bleeding-heart I am... but then I remember that they're Freepers, and the glorious Schadenfreude kicks back in:
I feel your pain...I feel like the humility my ancestry felt enduring Reconstruction

but just the title of your thread made me chuckle

trust me..there is somewhere off the grid on this big old planet without all this crap..i was happy as an expat once...now i will likely do like most like us...self segregate to our places...rural mostly

but our country is lost to the weak and bitter for now and it hurts

thanks though ...I laughed out loud...but i know you weren’t trying to be funny

I’m 55 with 5 children and struggling business etc...and I’m scared too...but not at risk about what to do with my life

but i will never give up and you can’t either

we are outnumbered by demographics...we are going to have to find some way to turn either some Mexicans or White Northern liberals

those are the only two options

I will be curious to see how the white vote compares to 2008 and 2010

I had figured if we replicated 2010 we’d win...62%

you’re too young but we used to win nationals with 52-54% white vote totals

this ain’t 1980 anymore

we opened the door and let them in

the GOP committed suicide and we warned em...big fights over it here...and nobody listened...called us bigots...banned us even

but the primary culprit here is the latino vote and that implication in Florida, California, New Mexico and Colorado and Nevada

and guess what....Texas will be at risk soon enough...imagine that?

now we are stuck with them..if most Mexican women were prettier we could just marry em up...for the cause..but whew

The Freeper tears gush like rivers of Pure, Lost Liberty:
I didnt start crying til I heard Romney speak..thats when it hit me, that America died tonight..even when I heard that Obama won it didnt sink in, but when I saw Romney speak, and seeing his beautiful wife Ann, who I know would have made such a wonderful first lady..it sunk in..America as we know it is finished..Socialism and Communism are the “new normal.” People want freebies instead of freedom. I didnt want to believe it til I see it with my own eyes, tonight I saw it..Our founding fathers are weeping tonight
- But within all this the darkness, there is still a slim Ray of Hope. Because, you know, civil war (from same thread). I haven't invested in the stock market yet (too young, too poor, too 47%), but if I did, I'd bet my money on manufacturers of bomb shelters and militia bunker supplies. They're going to have a heckuva good run over the next four years:
Same here. Xanax and wine dont dull the pain. Kitty in my lap all nightt. If only he knew the evil that resides in me now. Tomorrow i join a militia and start the next civil war to rid our country of garbage.
And just to re-emphasize the fact that none of the Freepers are in any way racist, "garbage" is totally not synonymous with "brown people" here.

This is really just the tip of the Freeper hysteria* iceberg, but I seriously have to get some work done.

* Allusion to female hysteria deliberate, and the irony of rabid Freepers describing women as "emotional thinkers" duly noted.

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