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Except for my gender, I am the "ideal" Republican voter: White, 40+ college-educated ex-debutante, member of the 2%. I registered as a Republican at 18, and served two terms on the board of Denver Metro Young Republicans. I live in the heavily Republican, Christian, high-income Douglas County area of Colorado. So why did I not only vote for President Obama, but work as a campaign volunteer? Because, GOP, you failed me. On too many levels.


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A little more history: during my second term on DMYR's board, I also served on the NARAL PAC. No one in Young Republicans said boo, or chastised me. In 2000, it was perfectly acceptable to be both a staunch Republican and equally staunchly pro-choice. Not any more.

Barry Goldwater warned the GOP about the dangers of the religious right. He supported abortion. And yet today's conservatives, trapped in the death grip of evangelical leaders and constituents, insist that all Republicans must be anti-choice. This pledge is truly frightening, as is this one.

The pledges are sickening in their blending of religion and government. I firmly believe in the separation of Church and State. The Republican Party is trying to push far-right Christian religious views upon an extremely diverse country. What of, for example, the Jews, Muslims, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, Cafeteria Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Pagans, and Atheists, who all live here and also have the right to vote? The GOP dismisses them as not worthy of consideration. The Christian Way is the only way. And that is a HUGE fallacy: one that led, in part, to the downfall of not only Mitt Romney, but of many downballot candidates. I took particular joy in the ousting of Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Joe Walsh, and Roger "some girls rape so easy" Rivard.

I'm sick of the bleating about "small government" coming from the mouths of those who think the government should regulate women's reproductive choices, by taking them away entirely or making those choices very, very difficult. I am outraged that anyone would think, much less try to LEGISLATE, that an employer has the right to deny contraceptive coverage to an employee by dint of the employer's "moral conscience." What the HELL. One goes to work, does one's job, and goes home. What goes on at home is not the employer's business.

I'm tired of the Catholic bishops ranting about the evils of contraception and trying to influence legislation. They're not the ones supporting the children until age 18, through college, or beyond. They're not up at 4 am with a screaming, colicky baby. Choosing when and how many children to have is sound economic policy. My two children each have their own room and don't lack for love, clothing, or toys. We eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, and lean protein. If I had been forced to have six children, things would be different. Why don't the Catholic Church and other anti-contraception wackos understand that? God does not provide. My husband does.

Additionally, Mitt was a deeply flawed candidate. Since his flaws are well-known, I won't reiterate them. I would, however, like to point out that his support ROSE when he pretended to be a moderate, as opposed to "deeply conservative." Did you not notice that, GOP? Or did you just ignore it, since it didn't fit with your notion that only a "true conservative" could win against Obama? I saw the screams from the far right, claiming everything from "He wasn't conservative ENOUGH" and "It's all Christie's fault!" and shook my head in amazement. You, GOP, are truly stupid. He lost because America--the REAL America, not your crazed constituents--rejected your party's values and voted for their OWN.

As did I. I voted for a good man, a kind, caring man. I voted for a man who has never sought to impose his religion on others, but quietly practices it. I voted for a man who respects women, as evidenced not only by the gracious, intelligent, and warm woman who loves him, but by his commitment to our reproductive freedom and our right to equal pay. I voted for a man who believes that everyone should have the freedom to marry whom they love. In short, I voted for the candidate whose values are most in line with mine. And that is why you failed me.

Oh, and one more thing: I'm STILL a fiscal conservative. I was disgusted by the money that Congress wasted on foolishness, such as 37 attempts to repeal ACA. Revolted by the ridiculous amount of vacation days taken by the 112th Congress. And appalled by the constant obstructionism, especially with regards to the Jobs Bill and the Veteran's Jobs Bill, which was especially craven.

I don't think you'll ever get me back, GOP. Not as long as the inmates are ruling the asylum.

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