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You SOB, finally you will let what you contributed to creating, a 'compromise' health insurance reform package that keeps Big Insurance in the driver's seat for  our  health care delivery.  

Boehner: 'Obamacare is the law of the land' (+video)
In an interview with ABC, Republican Representative John Boehner suggested he will not prioritize the repeal of the healthcare law to the extent that he has in the past. But following the interview, a spokesman for Boehner said repealing the law 'would be on the table.'
Even though ACA covers so many more than were covered before, the untold story are  those millions of families still without coverage in what President Obama said in his acceptance speech for his second is the greatest country in the world.  What a country!
PNHP leader on Supreme Court ruling: tens of millions will be left uninsured

Watch Dr. Oliver Fein tell “Democracy Now” hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez how the Affordable Care Act, upheld in its essentials by the Supreme Court,will unfortunately leave at least 26 million people uninsured when it's fully implemented -- and potentially many more if some states spurn new federal Medicaid dollars.

So yeah, thanks, Boener you idiot, thanks for  all your obstructionist contribution  to the health insurance reform debacle.  You remain a real American hero-- not.

Boehner wonder if you are as glad as I am  that Alan Grayson was elected to the House? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  He will be HUGE pain in your underside you can bet your bloated posterior!  

Grayson, as you may recall, was a  strong supporter of ACA and had introduced a better much bill himself,  "Medicare for All " that earned 70 co-sponsors  You, Mr. Orange Face, were not one of them.

Let's hope that the  ACA is 'improved'  in 2013   so that the 26 friggin MILLION people who were thrown under the bus by the 'bipartisan' effing compromise will get the health care  they deserve.

Thats what the  18,000 Doctors of PNHP and 185,000 memberNational Nurses United folks continue to work for, and we kossacks should as well.  Check out the bill they are working for
The Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act (H.R. 676)

Again, 26 Million Americans doing without....

As Democrats, we should not rest until that is rectified.

(A couple of diarist have been saying that ACA has a public option, but that's bullsh*t. The program they are getting all high on is NOT the public option. Period. Sure, you can use that to blow off this diary, but please do provide stats on how many of the 26 mil this state level prog will cover. Otherwise......)


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