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Senator Bernie Sanders insists we now have a Mandate to end the Bush Tax Cuts for wealthy Americans.

Unfortunately however, the Party of wealthy Americans, of course, doesn't believe in Polls.

Facts either.  Nor crushing political defeats.  It's still business as usual in their book ... Game-changing Election?  What Election!?

Sanders: Obama’s win is a mandate

by Neal P. Goswami, Staff Writer, Bennington Banner News -- Nov 10, 2012

BENNINGTON -- Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders says the president and Democrats in Congress have a mandate following Tuesday’s election to seek tax hikes on the wealthy as part of a balanced approach to lowering the country’s deficits and avoiding the "fiscal cliff."

Sanders is calling on Congress to allow tax cuts first signed into law by former President George W. Bush to expire at the end of the year on the wealthiest Americans. That will help the country move forward on serious deficit reduction, he said.

"I find it amazing that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell keep coming forward and saying, ‘Nope, we’re not going to do it. We’re not going to raise revenue,’" Sanders said. "That’s what President Obama campaigned on."

"I believe, between the election results, and poll after poll after poll, the American people have been clear," he added.

The Party of wealthy Americans, are soldiering on ... as if the Election of 2012 did not happen.

As if Barack Obama was not entirely clear with the American People, where he stood on Taxes.

As if the studies Republicans shut down (ie. censor) -- do not clearly demonstrate the complete lack of evidence for their theory that "Tax Cuts for the Rich = Job Creation."

The Party of Cluelessness, has still yet to buy a clue ...


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If there's one thing the Party of Grover, Rush, and Rove should have learned from the Election of 2012 -- it is that Polls matter. (Elections matter too.)

Polls are applied Mathematics, that in most cases, simply tell us what the People want.

New CNN Poll: Majority want tax increase for wealthy and deep spending cuts

CNN, politicalticker -- Aug 10, 2011

According to the poll, 63 percent say the super committee should call for increased taxes on higher-income Americans and businesses, with 36 percent disagreeing. And by a 57 to 40 percent margin they say the committee's deficit reduction proposal should include major cuts in domestic spending.

Nearly two-thirds [67%] say no to major changes to Social Security and Medicare. And nearly nine in ten [90%] don't want any increase in taxes on middle class and lower income Americans.

Polls show longtime support for tax hikes on rich

by Sarah Dutton, CBS News -- Oct 12, 2011

The latest CBS News poll shows a two-thirds majority [67%] of Americans support raising the taxes of households with incomes of $1,000,000 or more -- which President Obama and some Democrats in Congress have proposed. Support for the "millionaire's tax" rises as high as 83 percent among Democrats, and while 54 percent of Republicans oppose it, four in ten [40%] think tax increases for these upper income households are a good idea.

Even more affluent Americans support raising taxes for millionaires: 60 percent of those with incomes of $100,000 or more think that should be done.

19 Different Polls Show That Americans Support Tax Increases To Cut Deficit

by Jason Easley, politicususa.com -- July 1, 2011

Despite what the GOP keeps telling us, Bruce Bartlett has compiled a list of 19 different polls taken since January that demonstrate that Americans support increasing taxes in order to reduce the deficit and inequality. Americans may not love tax increases, but they understand their necessity for deficit reduction.

In the June 9 ABC News poll 61% of Americans believe higher taxes will be necessary to reduce the deficit, and 57% of those polled said that deficit reduction should include both tax increases and spending cuts.

[... 18 more similar polls ...]

If there's one thing the Party of Bad Math should have learned from the Election of 2012 -- it is that the Majority of the American people DO NOT approve of their Job Performance.

They're on notice now -- next time, if they don't start doing what the People want, the sleeping giant known as the Electorate, will be giving them they're walking papers.

Next time, "It will be their Waterloo" ... Tick Tock, Tea Party paper-weights. We got your number.

SO start reading the Polls, nimrods.  The People have been, and will continue to be, watching. And guess what -- the People don't much like your business-as-usual GOP Gridlock, either.

Just check the latest 2012 Poll results -- known as the Election!

If you want to buy a clue, Republicans.

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Originally posted to Digging up those Facts ... for over 8 years. on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 04:44 AM PST.

Also republished by These Green Mountains.

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