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Republicans, relax.

Your country is still here, right where you left it last night when you went to bed. It will be here tomorrow, next year, and next election.

No one's gonna to throw you in some re-education camp. Unless you do something stupid with that Li'l Patriot™ in your holster.

No one's gonna take away your straightness or your guns, or force you to have abortions. Your opinions, rights and freedom are safe, for another four years, at least. I wish could be as confident saying the same, had your team won last Tuesday.

See, it's ok if worldviews are mandated on the rest of the country, as long as they're your worldviews. It's ok to ridicule people for wanting freedom to choose for themselves, as long as it's not what you would have chosen. And it's perfectly acceptable to gloat, as long as you win.

Now, you might be tempted to say that our side is doing the same when advocating for our beliefs. There's one key difference though, as I see it: you seek to restrict, we seek to choose. In your eyes choice is tyranny, and restriction is freedom. End of discussion. So freedom is relative, not absolute, because to you these don't count:

  • Freedom from worry that your guns will do something we'll all regret.
  • Freedom for women to do as they see fit with their personal property.
  • Freedom to love and marry whoever you want.
  • Freedom to live on a planet as it was first given to us, not as a wasteland.
  • Freedom to be citizens, and to have all the rights that come therewith, regardless of skin color.
  • Freedom from destitution because we happen to get sick, or simply grow old.

And that's just to name a few.

All is not lost for you though, a glimmer of hope remains: Just think of all the conspiracies you'll be able to concoct, not to mention all the shadows seeking to destroy "your" country that you'll get to defend against. Or all the fruitless impeachment proceedings you'll get to encourage. Bliss.

Because there's no better measure of patriotism than fighting against non-existent threats.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country has some progress to make.

Move, you're in the way.


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