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UPDATE: as of 6 PM, Cochise County revised  downward their count for the day.The new numbers  are 23,278 for Martha McSally and 15,191 for Ron Barber and 88 write ins.
so totals for the end of today are Barber 131,460 and McSally 131,171
This actually increases Barber's lead to 289.

a note: On November 2 Cochise County put out a press release noting that it had mailed out 33,873 PEVL,early Ballots and had 20,859 of them returned, (61.58%). By this evening's count. 18,531 have shown up in the tally so far, leaving 2,328 of the returned PEVLS that have not figured into the count. Remember some of the returned ballots may not contain a vote for any candidate  in the Barber /McSally race.
Also  important to note: the county sent out 13,014 PEVL ballots which either were never completed , were received by the county between the news release on Nov. 2 and Nov 6,  or were turned in at the Polling place on election day and transferred to provisional ballots.
Cochise County news release stated that by law ,it could start tabulating early ballots on Nov. 2, but it also estimated that it would have all ballots counted by Friday , Nov.9.
That has not happened.
In addition, no other provisional ballots have shown up on the elections page tally referenced below.

EARLIER TODAY: These are the numbers for the Barber /McSally race as of 11/10/12, from the clarity elections site for Cochise and Pima counties

Barber : Cochise County, 15,368. Pima county 116,269. total 131,637.
McSally Cochise: 23,521. Pima, 107,893. Total 131,414.

So , as of this evening ,Ron Barber is ahead by 223 votes.
Both Cochise and Pima counties provided updates today.
no provisional ballots show up as being counted yet.

Link to the site and some more info after the  hot orange tamale


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here is a link to the site . Statewide results at http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/...

There is a drop down menu for you to select individual counties.
in the window for each race on the left side of the page, you will also see 4 icons. one looks like a house, the second icon from the right looks like a divided rectangle. if you click on that ,it will  give you a breakdown of early ballots, polling place ballots and provisional ballots counted.
also note that the Secretary of state pages and county news releases, etc. give different number at different times, so this site really is just good for measuring daily progress  using its own numbers. these numbers were released this afternoon and some at about 5:30 PM.

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Originally posted to manyamile on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 05:00 PM PST.

Also republished by Baja Arizona Kossacks.

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