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On November 3rd, a member of Free Republic posted an article by Kevin DuJan, of HillBuzz,wherein he offered his predictions for the Presidential and Senate elections. As you would expect, his predictions for a Romney presidency and a Senate takeover by Republicans were greeted enthusiastically by the website's denizens. Talk soon turned to how Freepers planned to celebrate their victory on election night, and how Nate Silver would have a hard time finding a job parking cars afterward.

Here are some excerpts from the DuJan article. First, the header:

Final 2012 Election Predictions: Romney wins White House, GOP keeps House, and Republicans take Senate. 100% chance that Nate Silver’s career collapses into ruin.
As of sometime around 9pm CST, Mitt Romney will be declared our 45th President in what will become a commanding lead of 322 to 216 electoral votes.
This is the only time in my life that I will ever say this, so mark it in the history books, but I encourage all of you to watch MSNBC if you can on November 6th because decades from now you will want to describe to your progeny how unhinged the Left became on live tee-vee as the Obama Regime came to an abrupt end.
...Americans wanted to be part of “hopeychange” with the fact that many saw Barack Obama as the sort of “magical black man” character that Will Smith always plays in movies and you will understand that Obama won election because a great many white people thought he was the “magical black man” who’d come to save them (like in the movies!)...
I think that 2012 is the year that Democrats actually have to be afraid of losing Oregon, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Michigan.
Ohio is a no-brainer and is not even a swing state; it’s going for Romney because it gave Obama a chance in 2008 and he blew it.
His Senate predictions:
Nebraska = Repubican win
Arizona = Republican win
Connecticut = Republican surprise win
Florida = Republican surprise win (I’m basing this on something oddball, and it’s that a lot of voters think that “Connie Mack” is a woman
Indiana = Republican win
Massachusetts = Republican surprise win
Missouri = Republican surprise win
Montana = Republican win
Nevada = Republican win
North Dakota = Republican win
Ohio = Republican surprise win
Pennsylvania = Republican surprise win
Virginia = Republican surprise win
Wisconsin = Republican surprise win
Hawaii = Republican SUPER SURPRISE win
Maine = Democrat pickup (though Olympia Snow was always a Democrat with an (R) after her name)
Michigan = Democrat

That makes it 15 wins for Republicans by may count, with just 6 wins for Democrats…for a net of 9 for the GOP.

The Left has been assured by Nate Silver that there is an 80% chance of Obama winning so they are not mentally prepared to see a map where Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are in Romney’s hands. Expect epic freakouts on MSNBC over this. And then never expect to hear from Nate Silver ever again. He will need to go into hiding like Salman Rushdie. I hope he is enjoying his last three days as a mini-celebrity.
Nate Silver, on the other hand, might be applying to Arby’s soon because that prediction model of his is cuckoo and the Democrats who buy his fairytale are the ones that need to be afraid of what’s to come on November 6th.
On Election Day, I’m going to camp out in front of a live stream of MSNBC and do rolling historical coverage of the results and what the MSNBC talking heads in particular are saying. I think I’m going to start at about 10am on the 6th and will go through the late evening after Romney wins covering everything that’s being said.
Well, imagine the Freeper reaction to such a bold and insightful analysis:
Obama wins Oh causing the media to call the election but Romney wins WI and CO late in the night to win the election.Akin wins in MO and is the 51st GOP Senator.
I think there’s going to be trouble on Tuesday, I anticipate Black on white violence and blacks suppressing votes.
I think you are correct. Romney coat tails will help the GOP retake the Senate and add to the house, thus helping Romney not having to reach across the aisle.
Between Michael Barone's analysis and DuJan's feelings on the ground, along with Romney's air of victory and Obama's flopsweat, we're seeing a bloodbath for the Democrats.
When PA goes to Romney early in the evening, it's going to be declared “IT'S OVER” by our leftist media friends.
I’m a glutton for REVENGE...I plan to watch the Ministry of Truth try to make sense of how their four years of evil propaganda has been blown up by the Silent Majority.
DuJan is one of the best analysts there is, and a sterling journalist on the ground to boot.
If Obozo loses big time, after he pardons all of his fellow criminals/traitors, he would issues thousands of executive orders to weaken our country even more.
The house really needs to elect Gingrich as speaker. You do not have to be a member of congress to be speaker.
I bought my Sam Adams Winter Lager and peanuts over the weekend, so I am ready for Tuesday night. ;-)
Great article. I do disagree on Michigan it will go RED this year.
If there’s an epic fail tomorrow than we are all in Venezuela.
Chrissy will claim that there was a massive wave of vote fraud by the GOP!
This was posted the day after the election. I love the sarcasm:
Great, great prediction on all those Senate seat pickups there, pal. You were so close! And your reasoning and methodology to back it up were so sound, I don’t know how anyone could ever have possibly doubted your prognosticating brilliance.
The whole trainwreck here:

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