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As you may already have seen, Sara  has conceived of yet another brilliant idea for the holidays for those of us who participate in the Kos Katalogue merchant program:

If you're interested in a piece from one of us, but don't feel that you can spend the money on it for yourself, you can put yourself on a Secret Santa list, and people can contact the seller to contribute toward its purchase for you.  [Alternatively, you can play Santa's Elf by putting someone else's name on this list, and/or contributing toward such a purchase.]

Sara explains in greater detail here.  Kossack DavidW has a diary up with his art here.  And our own offerings are over the jump:


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Wings's two newest pieces, completed only this morning:

Finding Buffalo dual-strand cuff bracelet.  White Buffalo turquoise and sterling silver.  $385 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).

Capture the Moon dual-strand cuff bracelet.  Rainbow moonstone and sterling silver/  $385 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).  ON LIST for kj in missouri.

Other high-end cuffs:

Corn Beetle cuff bracelet.  Onyx and sterling silver.  $375 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).

Spider Woman multi-strand cuff bracelet.  Seeping beauty turquoise, lapis lazuli, and sterling silver.  $1,200 (+ $20 for regular shipping/insurance).

Wings has also recently begun working in copper.  One of three new copper cuff bracelets:

Copper Lake anticlastic cuff bracelet.  $175 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).


The World on Her Back necklace.  Black-on-white pottery sherd, sterling silver, trade-style beads.  $975 (+ $18 for regular shipping/insurance).

WhiteHawk necklace.  White aventurine and sterling silver.  $625 (+ $15 for regular shipping/insurance). (Design by Aji.)  ON LIST for peregrine kate.

The Four Directions eight-piece necklace.  Onyx and sterling silver.  $425 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).

Wings's most recent necklace:

LittleFeathers hummingbird necklace.  Garnet and sterling silver.  $325 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).  ON LIST for kj in missouri.


Blue Light Christmas tree pin.  Lapis lazuli, black opal, and sterling silver.  $120 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).  SOLD.

The pictured pin is more expensive because of the value of the stones used.  One other Christmas tree pin (not pictured) is currently available, made with one cab each of jade, lapis, and malachite; $95 (plus shipping/insurance).  Christmas tree pins can also be ordered.

Red Nose reindeer pin.  Garnet and sterling silver.  $95 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).


Sage Leaves earrings.  Jade and sterling silver.  $255 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).

To See In All Directions earrings.  Turquoise and sterling silver.  $145 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).  ON LIST for betson08.

Evening Star earrings.  Tiger's eye and sterling silver.  $145 (+ $10 for regular shipping/insurance).


For samples of Wings's photography, reflecting the world of Taos Pueblo and its people, see the Photography Gallery on the Web site, or visit this diary.  I'll try to do another diary soon with additional images.


Katsinam (kachinas) by Josh Aragon:

Corn Katsina and Dual-Sided Maidens.

Drums by Lee Lujan and Elk Good Water:

Powwow drums by Lee Lujan.

Pottery by Angie Yazzie, Juanita Suazo DuBray, Henrietta Gomez, and others:

Micaceous pot in an old Four Sacred Directions traditional pattern, by Angie Yazzie.

  • Sculpture by Ned Archuleta and Mark Swazo-Hinds.
  • Paintings by Frank Rain Leaf, Tim Saupitty, and Phyllis Belindo.
  • Traditional bow-and-arrow set (fully functioning, in hand-made white buckskin quiver) by Daniel Marcus.
  • Hand-carved fetishes by Ned Archuleta, Jeremy and Justin Gomez, the late Emerson Gomez, and others.
  • We accept VISA, MasterCard, and personal checks (sorry, no PayPal for the business).  If you're interested in being put on Sara's Secret Santa list for a piece, leave me a note in the comments, or e-mail/Kosmail me (please be specific about which piece it is).  And if you're interested in commissioning a piece for the holidays, please let me know ASAP, because the amount of studio time he has available grows shorter by the day.

Please also see the Kos Katalogue Secret Santa mothership diary here, and David W's diary with his gorgeous artwork here.

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