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Hello Conservative!

So, you lost, huh? Sorry to hear that. I know how hard it must be for you. I heard you were thinking of heading to Canada, but then you discovered they have socialized medicine up there and you changed your plans. You may be wondering what free-market havens you can head to now that your country is dead.

Good news! I've compiled a list of the top three destinations you can go to to get your Freep on.


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I'm sure you are hoping to get away to a relatively wealthy nation. Unfortunately, all the other countries in the list of top ten nominal GDPs, outside of the United States, have national healthcare, even India and Brazil. In fact, to find a country without a national healthcare system, we have to go all the way down to lucky number 18, Indonesia.


From Wikipedia: Slum life, Jakarta Indonesia. Picture taken by Jonathan McIntosh, 2004.

Slum life, Jakarta Indonesia. Picture taken by Jonathan McIntosh, 2004.

You're sure to appreciate the rampant deforestation and pollution caused by lax or non-existent environmental regulation. Beautiful Buyat Bay is teeming with arsenic and other heavy metals from the unregulated dumping of tailings from Grasberg Mine, the largest gold mine in the world. Perhaps you'll even enjoy long swims in the toxic water, it's not like hair and teeth matter, anyway.

There are a couple of problems, however. Even though Indonesia doesn't currently have a national healthcare system, they are in the process of implementing a program that will provide 100% coverage by 2014. The country was also the home of Barack Hussein Obama for four years. So, maybe it's not exactly perfect.

If Indonesia doesn't tickle your fancy, you could give Somalia a try.

Somali Pirates

Somali Pirates

Following the collapse of communism and a civil war, Somalia became a Libertarian paradise. The country has no functional government, which should set your anarchist heart a twitter. There really is no better place to let your free-market spirit run free than Somalia. Sure, you may have to battle pirates and rape gangs, but that's a small price to pay for freedom.

Of course, Somalia is on the eastern most cost of Africa, so, you know, blah people.

Don't feel like battling pirates? Then Honduras may be the place for you.

A Conservatie taking a Swim in Honduras

A Conservative taking a Swim in Honduras

In Honduras, the quality and availability of healthcare is directly tied to income level. Sure, they speak Spanish in Honduras, but you'd technically still get to be an American. In the past 20 years, Honduras has continuously moved toward decentralization and privatization of just about everything.

If you decide to move to Honduras, you might want to hire a bodyguard, as Honduras has the highest intentional homicide rate in the world. Don't worry, though, there are surely plenty to find in the free-market.

So, there you go. Three places built on the conservative values you cherish. Have fun and don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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Originally posted to Posh (and not so Posh) Thoughts on Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 08:48 PM PST.

Also republished by Community Spotlight.

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