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From my blog, Generation Frustration, and on how it was Mitt Romney who was promising the free stuff:

So this is what I wish people like Bill O’Reilly would understand: it was Mitt Romney that was playing Santa Claus, he was the one offering “stuff” and “things” for free, and we weren’t buying it.  Because we’ve heard this bullshit before, in 1980 and 2000, and we’re not ever buying it again.  

We know these government programs cost money.  I’m seen various articles in the media making fun of the state of California because we voted to raise state income taxes on income over $250,000 a year, and also raise the state sales tax.  Do you know why we did this?  No, not because we’re godless liberal freedom-hating communists.  We did it because we’ve seen public university tuition skyrocket, our state parks close, and our policemen laid off.  We’ve seen student class sizes explode, our prisons become overcrowded, and our roads crack and decay.  Yeah, we have a problem with unfunded pensions, just like every other state, but that’s going to get solved with negotiation and compromise, not because we let the state go to shit out of spite for “big government.”

So I wish Republicans would understand that voting for Obama wasn’t about supporting socialism and it wasn’t about “free stuff” or “hating freedom.”  It was a statement that we’ve been getting fucked by “freedom” for decades.  Almost every time regulations get rolled back in the name of “competition will encourage even cheaper prices,” the American people get fucked in the ass instead.  The Savings and Loan crisis in the 1980s, Enron and California energy prices in the early 2000s, Glass-Steagall, and those are just a few off the top of my head.  This Ayn Rand-ian utopia that conservatives hold so dear, would never actually happen.  All the “job creators” in Galt’s Gultch would just be trying to figuring out the best way to fuck each other over, and none of them would be creating any actual jobs.  


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