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Good morning and welcome to the newly created Pittsburgh Area Kossacks Group on Daily Kos.

First some quick notes about your volunteer Group leader:  I am a retired public relations executive and photographer.  I am an early member of Daily Kos and had been an active member of SFKossacks, the pioneer Kos Group created by Neeta Lind (navajo) which today sets the gold standard for group enthusiasm, dynamism, activism and just plain fun in the SF Bay area.

Much as I love and miss the Bay Area, I moved to Pittsburgh earlier this year to reconnect with my college sweetheart.  So once the dust settled here, and the dust is settling after the wonderful outcome of the 2012 Presidential election, I sent Neeta a note and said..."OK...time to fire up a Pittsburgh Kossacks Group."

So here we are, with our own avatar, and soon our own banner.....with a banner text in....Yup....Steeler colors. (Go Steelers).

I've been an active Democrat and progressive for my entire life...involved in local politics when I lived in New England, staff member for Senator Ribicoff in his last campaign for re-election in the 70s, and avidly interested in working for and supporting a government that is "fair."  It that sense that much in our current system is so deeply "unfair" (from voter suppression to Citizens United) which has motivated me ever since and I want to work to improve what is good, and correct what is not.

Enough about me....now it is your turn, and we invite you to join up.  It's easy to do:

Send me an e-mail at dweb823@aol.com or a message via Kos to dweb8231

Include you Kos name, your real name (let me know if you prefer to remain anonymous) and your preferred e-mail.  I'll shortly be creating an outside e-mail group - probably via Google that we can easily use.  (As Neeta notes, the Kos system does not currently notify you about new Group messages sent to members, so an outside group is the best alternate solution.)

Then leave a message here telling others a bit about yourself, your connection to Daily Kos and anything else you would like other members to know.

I hope to kick things off soon with a social event and encourage as many members as possible to join us.  (Because we are heading into the holiday season, my guess is that we will aim for sometime soon after the New Year to hold our first event.)  That will give us time to find a date, time and location.  

From past experience, I am guessing our membership will come from a reasonably wide area, so we will try and schedule future events at different locations to make it easier for those of you from outlying areas.  

I will also be reaching out to interested members to set up a Group team of additional editors who can assist with posting contributed diaries to the group and generally manage the flow.

So sign up by contacting me to let me know of your interest and supply the requested information, then post a message here and stand by.  We'll be back and touch with you and other new members regarding the e-mail group and get things rolling.

Go Pittsburgh Area Kossacks!!!


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