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Per the AP via TPM, Kyrsten Sinema is the new representative for the 9th District of Arizona:

In Maricopa County, where the 9th District is located, there are still 260,000 ballots left to be counted, according to the Phoenix New Times -- but only some of those ballots come from the 9th.
In short, it's the same problem Rove wouldn't acknowledge in Ohio: There aren't enough votes left to get Vernon Parker the win!

And here's the best part:

Sinema becomes the first openly bisexual member of Congress. Her victory came in a year when three states approved gay marriage, and at least five openly gay Democrats were elected to House seats. A Wisconsin congresswoman also became the first openly gay person elected to the Senate.
Now that's change I can believe in!

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Recc List? MOST excellent!

Just finished watching Rachel, who closed by saying there are still a half-dozen House races still in the balance (Seven according to TPM), and half of them are in Arizona! However, DOJ is not getting involved in this mess... at least, not yet.

Meanwhile, Richard Carmona (who conceded to Congresscritter Jeff Flake when he was losing by 78,000 votes) is now saying, "Not so fast!"

“We’re watching it very closely, and we’re going to make sure every vote is counted,” Carmona’s spokesman Andy Barr told TPM on Monday.

He said the campaign has not ruled out taking action if the race tightens.

It could be that Carmona has the same problem as Parker: Not enough potential Dem votes to turn the tide. Nobody's saying anything on that subject -- probably because they're too embarrassed about the fact that it's almost a week later, and almost half a million votes STILL aren't counted! Jan Brewer should be happy she's term-limited, because the Dems could run the ASU mascot against her after this, and Sparky could win going away!

Still, let's focus on what's really important: 55 Dems in the Senate... at the moment.

Do I hear 56?

Update #2
This is a breakout of all the early/provisional ballots that remained uncounted as of Saturday, November 10th. Anybody who cast a provisional ballot because they lacked proper ID has until COB on Wednesday to get back to their county elections office with proper ID. If you know anybody who had to go this way last Tuesday, please give them whatever hand you're not using at the time! We're not done yet, people! CHARGE!!!!!!

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Originally posted to And your Point...? on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 12:03 PM PST.

Also republished by Phoenix Kossacks.

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