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Rush Limbaugh — arrogance on steroids

Limbaugh's immediate response to the election was to rant that "it is practically impossible to beat Santa Claus."

With 600 radio stations and fifteen plus hours of programming each week, Limbaugh is the most common source of bigotry, mendacity, inanity, calumny and obloquy in the right wing echo chamber. The idea that people vote for "gifts" or "stuff" has since been repeated by Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, and others.

Limbaugh himself has repeated this mendacious meme every day since the election, interspersed with assorted wacko ideas about the need for Republicans to create an "abortion industry" to win the women's vote, and a preposterous amnesty scheme for "illegal immigrants" (with no voting rights for 25 years!)

Last week Limbaugh told a caller, "the reason that the Cubans are not that popular (among other Hispanics is) because it's a race thing. It's a race thing. They're just not quite dark, as dark, and they're oriented toward work..."
(They pay him four hundred million dollars for this...!)

President Obama won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote. Rush Limbaugh alternates between "courting" Hispanics with scurrilous schemes, and insulting them with outright slurs dripping with sarcasm. He's getting some pushback, but not enough.

RUSH: Everywhere I look, ladies and gentlemen, it's my fault. It's my fault. It's my fault the Romney ground game didn't come out. It's my fault we didn't get Virginia. It's my fault we didn't get the black vote. It's my fault we didn't get the women vote. It's my fault we didn't get the Hispanic vote. It's my fault.  I'm alienating everybody. It's what's all over, it's my fault today, folks. I got some solutions.

  —Rush Limbaugh: Feliz Navidad! In Response to the Charge That He Caused the GOP Loss, El Rushbo Reaches Out to "Baracka Claus" Voters with EIB Amnesty, November 9, 2012

Limbaugh riffed on an audio clip of remarks by John Boehner who said: "I think what Republicans need to learn is how do we speak to all Americans? You know, not just the people who look like us and act like us, but how do we speak to all Americans?"

Limbaugh is an evil genius when it comes to insulting multiple targets at  once (in this case including the Republican establishment, and Hispanics who vote for Democrats). After decades of success with such sharp daggers, he asserted once again, you can't control me.

More Rush arrogance, videos after the jump

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Moments after playing Boehner's plea for Republicans to exercise decency and respect, Limbaugh proclaimed, "Let me help, ladies and gentlemen. We're talking about Santa Claus for the past couple, three days.  Let's reach out to the Hispanic community and make sure they get the message here." He then played Feliz Navidad (the "Merry Christmas" song in Spanish) while cackling over the music, "Baracka Claus. Baracka Claus. Baracka Claus. And Papa Noel. Papa Noel. Jose Feliciano singing Papa Noel. Baracka Claus." [Papa Noel is Spanish for Santa]

Rush Limbaugh plays Feliz Navidad (9:00 minute mark)

To make sure no one missed the connection between Hispanics and Barack as Santa, Rush repeated his insinuating message after the song finished, "there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, outreach in the EIB Network.  Jose Feliciano and Feliz Navidad, as we make sure our Spanish-speaking audience members understand one of the things we've been discussing this week." [emphasis added]

Then Rush feigned the guilty conscience again.

RUSH: Can you believe they keep saying it's my fault? It's my fault, folks. I'm driving everybody away. I'm driving the Hispanics away. I'm driving people who like Christmas away! I'm driving people who believe in Santa Claus away. I'm driving away African-Americans. I'm driving away single women, the vagina crowd. I'm driving 'em all away. It's all my fault. That's the Drive-By Media analysis of the election.

  —Rush Limbaugh: Feliz Navidad! In Response to the Charge That He Caused the GOP Loss, El Rushbo Reaches Out to "Baracka Claus" Voters with EIB Amnesty, November 9, 2012

Ever the master as a double-down ass clown, on Monday Limbaugh augmented his ignoble insults to President Obama.

Rush Limbaugh plays a new song parody, "Baracka Claus Is Coming To Town"

Baracka Claus Is Coming To Town

Baracka Claus is comin' to town
Baracka Claus is comin' to town

You better not work
You better not try
Get your hand out
I'm telling you why

Baracka Claus is comin' to town
Baracka Claus is comin' to town
Baracka Claus is comin' to town

If you're a success
I'm taxin' you twice
Gonna reverse who's naughty and nice

Baracka Claus is comin' to town
Baracka Claus is comin' to town
Baracka Claus is comin' to town

From RushLimbaugh.com

I'll pay you just for sleeping
Don't work, stay home and play
You will care if you're bad or good
'Cause if you're bad you get more cake

So, Republicans watch out
I'm lookin' real fly
Media shouts 'We elected our guy'

Baracka Claus is comin' to town
Baracka Claus is comin' to town
Baracka Claus is comin' to town

The market's goin' down
Why do you have a frown?

The parody is reminiscent of another, similarly obnoxious parody that Limbaugh played while Obama was campaigning in his first presidential race, and which has become a staple of the Limbaugh Show.

"Barack The Magic Negro"

Limbaugh played the song as recently as two months ago "in honor of Ann Coulter's book".

Limbaugh's argument, in a nutshell:

RUSH: Isn't it amazing, ladies and gentlemen, to behold the inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom? Everybody there, everybody in punditry, every liberal media person, every conservative media person, every political strategist and analyst, every elected official all believe that the Republican Party will continue to lose elections because we're not for amnesty...

"Republicans are digging a hole, you gotta stop digging a hole. They have got to shut the talk radio people up and some of the more exotic opinion leaders and address this immigration issue, stop alienating Latino voters."

What does that mean? It means we gotta be for open borders and amnesty. That's what we have to do, as Republicans. And then our policies will not differ from Democrats' at all. And then that will mean what on Election Day? Does that mean that a whole bunch of Hispanics are gonna vote for the Republican? [...]

It's amazing how the Republicans could be tricked. They say don't criticize a Democrat president, particularly don't criticize Obama, you're gonna be called a racist and then that's gonna really tick off the independents. Okay, okay, we won't, we won't. We won't and we won't be critical of the president when we run for office against him. We'll call him a great guy. He's a nice guy, he just doesn't know what he's doing. We'll be as nice as we can and we'll get the independents, and guess what? Romney got the independent vote and what happened? He didn't win the election, did he? You notice how easy it is to talk Beltway Republicans into strategies, policies that are suicidal?

There is a reason Hispanics vote for the Democrat Party. There's a reason that everybody who votes for the Democrat Party votes for the Democrat Party. [And that reason is: liberals are greedy, and Baracka Claus gives them what they want.]

  —Rush Limbaugh: Feliz Navidad! In Response to the Charge That He Caused the GOP Loss, El Rushbo Reaches Out to "Baracka Claus" Voters with EIB Amnesty, November 9, 2012

Some will ask, why give attention to such drivel? Hell with that, this "drivel" is dangerous when it infects so much of our society. We're flushin' the guy and the more who hear this crap, the more who will join us.

The diarist is active in Flush Rush on Facebook:
Rush Limbaugh's talk radio career is in a slow downward spiral in part because of the activism of consumers, volunteers, and activists who seek to hold Rush accountable for his hate speech. One very active group in this cause is Flush Rush on Facebook. Flush Rush and other, similar groups use the StopRush Database to inform advertisers about where their ads are appearing.

Please consider joining. Small donations are also accepted to fund data storage; visit StopRush for more information.

Flush Rush on Facebook: http://facebook.com/...
Stop Rush database: http://stoprush.net
My Stop Rush blog posts: http://dailykos.com/...
Twitter hashtag: #stoprush

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Originally posted to Richard Myers on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 04:45 AM PST.

Also republished by Sluts.

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