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When the input voltage and rated, dc output rated load


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Company is China's largest switching power supply, power adapter professional manufacturers. Through years of excellence of effort, has set up a file in the r&d and consumer electronics has accumulated rich experience. In order to meet the market requirements and provide high quality of products, from procurement to manufacture and established a set of scientific and feasible cost control system, and from incoming goods inspection to finished product quality inspection formed a set of strict quality control system. And, has been committed to new product research and development. The product series from 5 w to 1000 w, including AC/DC, DC/DC standard and open type, power adapter, industrial iron close switch power supply, LED waterproof power. Covers more than 1800 kinds of specifications. The product series passed the CE, UL and PSE, EK authentication, etc, the company has all kinds of advanced production and testing equipment, power supply automatic test system, online tester etc. Widely used in communication, LED display, industrial control, radio and television, computer network, medical equipment, intelligent monitoring, etc.

1. The situation described

A. 105 ° input capacitance

B. high efficiency, low no-load power consumption

Cristiano aging time long, 0 repair.

2. Input characteristics

2.1 input voltage

Rated Voltage (Nominal Voltage) : 100-240 vac

Adjusting Range (Variation Range) : 90-264 vac
2.2 input frequency

Rated Frequency (Nominal Frequency) : 50-60 hz

Adjust Frequency (Variation Frequency) : 47-63 hz
2.3 input current

When the input voltage and rated, dc output rated load, the maximum input ac current 2.5 A.

2.5 Arms Max At any input voltage and rated, DC output rated load.
2.4 surge current

Output rated load environment temperature 25 ℃, input 240 vac cold starting power supply the most surge surge current less than 15 years.

15 amps Max. Cold start at 240 vac input, with rated load and 25 ℃ ambient.
2.5 AC leakage current

When the input voltage 240 vac, maximum leakage current is 3.5 mA.

3.5 mA Max At 240 vac input.

3.1 the output power

Voltage (+ 24 VDC) minimum load (0 a) maximum load (5 a) peak power (7 a) output power (120 w)
3.2 load characteristic/regulation

Voltage (+ 24 VDC) minimum no-load voltage (24.0 V) maximum no-load voltage (24.6 V) linear adjustment (plus or minus 3%) load adjustment (plus or minus 5%)
3.3 corrugated and noise

Test conditions: any load under normal work, the use of oscilloscope bandwidth of 20 MHZ connected to the output of the adapter, and at the same time the output end and even a 4.7 uF electrolytic capacitor and a 0.1 uF ceramic tile capacitance.

The ripple and noise are as follows when measure with Max. Bandwidth of 20 MHZ and Parallel 4.7 uF / 0.1 uF, crossed connected at testing point.

Voltage maximum ripple maximum noise

Voltage Ripple And Noise (Max).

+ 24.0 Vdc acuities 100 MVP - p

Extended (Optional)


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