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Progressive Majority was founded in 1999. I became a supporter sometime after the 2004 election, I believe, donating, publicizing their candidates, and even meeting with one of their top people...whose publicity package actually contained (much to my surprise) an article about them I wrote.

Progressive Majority recruits, trains and helps progressives, particularly young progressives, to run for office at local and state levels. They focus on particular swing states and have been expanding into even some "red" states (e.g. Arizona and Texas). They particularly try to recruit LGBT, women and minority candidates.

Since I have been following them, year after year Progressive majority averages about a 50% success rate, which for a progressive organization often recruiting newcomers and mounting challenges, is an excellent success rate. As an example of some of their successes, most of the successful recall candidates in Wisconsin had originally been recruited and trained by Progressive Majority, sometimes several years before dKos noticed them during the recalls. To date, in the states they cover, they claim to have successfully helped elect 411 candidates to office. I think it was only in 2010 that I noticed their success rate was noticeably below 50%.

Their success has continued this year. From an email I got from Progressive Majority:


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Congratulations on many terrific victories on Tuesday night. Progressive Majority had more than 200 candidates on the ballot on Tuesday and your support helped 56% of them win election!

From the re-election of President Obama, to the election of Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren to the U.S. Senate, to voters standing for marriage equality in four states, we have a lot to celebrate.

Those national wins will grip the headlines for days, but, as you and I know, states hold enormous power and are where most of the laws that go into effect get made. Thanks to your support, we made significant progress there too! Democrats picked up control of eight state legislative chambers:

Minnesota and Maine state house and senate;
New York state senate; and
Colorado, New Hampshire and Oregon state house.
That's not all. We made gains in many other states, including these in other Progressive Majority target states:

Ended Republican super-majorities in the Florida house and senate and in the Ohio house.

Narrowed the Republican majority in the Michigan house by at least half; we now have a real shot of flipping that chamber in 2014.

Reduced the Republican majority in the Pennsylvania house and senate.

Progressive Majority congratulates all of our 2012 winners who share a vision for moving America forward. And we celebrate these incredible statistics:

56% of our LGBT candidates won
54% of our union member candidates won
68% of our candidate of color won
60% of our women candidates won
53% of our candidates under the age of 35 won

Throughout the country, and even in places where it looked like Republicans had locked-in permanent majorities, our candidates broke through. Voters embraced a progressive agenda that promotes economic fairness and opportunity, stands up for women's rights and celebrates the diversity of our country.   At a time when we face real challenges, America joined the chorus, "We're all in this together."

Together, we made history on Tuesday - and it's clear that Americans are ready to move forward and follow a new, more hopeful path.

Our job now is to get back to work recruiting progressive champions to run in 2013 and beyond. We will continue to prove that strong candidates with solid progressive messages do win--and, when they do, we will move America forward.


Gloria Totten

P.S. Recruitment for 2014 starts today! Sign up and invite others to  www.RunforAmerica.org

NOTE: they do primaries as well, so all the folks who have been complaining about the Democratic Party going too far to the right, THIS IS THE ORGANIZATION YOU SHOULD BE INVOLVED WITH.

Join me in supporting Progressive Majority and helping the next generation of progressives get elected.



Find campaign resources for a campaign you run or work for.

Together we can continue defeating the right wing extremists and pulling America towards a more progressive future.

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