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Writing about kids with cold hands and feet is a challenge for me.  I want to empty my closet and send them gloves and boots and blankets.  

But, I just don't have any kids' clothes in my home; the last kidlet flew from the nest many years ago. I do know that there are people like me who want to send a gift to warm the hands and feet of the children of the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota served by the Okiciyap Food Pantry.  Keep reading to see how you can help.

                                     Okiciyap logo, Okiciyap (we help) the Isabel Community logo



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Recently we have been posting about holiday needs;  because of the generosity of many wonderful kossacks, 50 families had a bountiful Thanksgiving this year.  Donations will continue to be accepted so the Pantry can sponsor a community dinner for the holidays in December.  

There are over 100 children served by Okiciyap.  Over the summer we worked week after week to get them the school supplies they needed.  

       During the winter months, these intrepid scholars need to be warm.  Picture  standing and waiting for the school bus without gloves in January.
The Okiciyap group at DailyKos is asking for help. There is high need for these specific items during the cold winter months:

         Gloves            Hats          Scarves         Warm Coats and Jackets

         Snowpants          Snowboots         Snowsuits          (for all ages)

          New Socks,             Hoodies               Vests               Blankets

If you have (gently used or new) kids' winter wear that you no longer need, please, box it up and send it to Cindy at the Pantry.

If you love to shop, and find some excellent bargains in the next few weeks,  mail them to Isabel.
If you are an on-line shopper extraordinaire, there is a way to get packages sent directly to Okiciyap in South Dakota.  We will KosMail you the street address.
If you want to help by sending a check directly to Okiciyap, a 501(3)(c) non-profit, the address is below.
If you want to help right now, please use the Okiciyap widget. PayPal and Credit Cards will work in the widget!
There will be ongoing needs for other clothing at Okiciyap, these items will always be welcomed:  Jeans,   New underwear, bras or sportsbras,    T-shirts,   socks.

To mail packages and checks directly to the pantry:  

Okiciyap Food Pantry
c/o Cindy Taylor
Box 172
Isabel, SD   57633
If you need a street address please ask, and one of us will KosMail it to you.

Remember that Okiciyap is a 501(3)(c) non-profit and your donation is is tax deductable.

Here is the link to the Okiciyap (we help) Food Pantry website, you will see many photos and learn the story of Okiciyap .

Here is the ChipIn widget;  use this for direct donation to the pantry.

Here is the link Aji's important diary about winter heating needs on the reservations.

Here are links to the Propane Diaries  that have been published this week:
Meteor Blades, navajo,  shanikka,  teacherken,   Denise Oliver Velez,  Aji,  Joan McCarter,  Greg Dworkin,     JeffLieber,   Bob Johnson    Laurence Lewis   a gilas girl  One Pissed Off Liberal

Here is a link for information on IGive, which will collect cash from venders online and send the money directly to Okiciyap each time you shop with them.  There are over 1000 venders, and the donation is automatic after you sign up.

IGive is an online fundraiser that sends cash to organizations.  If you have IGive on your computer, whenever you shop with a participating on-line retailer, the retailer will send a percentage of the sale to Igive for Okiciyap.  

I have had IGive on my system now for several months and this is my experience; IGive is nearly invisible, even while I am shopping on-line.  A small icon appears at the bottom corner of the retailer, and after I have made a purchase, I get a confirmation of donation e-mail from "Betty at IGive".   I also get two other kinds of messages; summaries of activity for Okiciyap, and "Betty" also sends announcements of new retailers or special promotions with retailers.  That's it.  I value my on-line privacy, we all do, and this donation opportunity has not resulted in any obnoxious e-mail for me at all.  Believe it, there was a leap of faith for me to sign up, but now I can happily report to you, IGive works for me and for Okiciyap.

I have the special good news of announcing that my prediction for Electoral College and Obama's winning percent were the closest to actual results in a DKos contest sponsored by JeffLieber.  For the prize, he will be donating $300 to the Okiciyap (we help) Food Pantry and another $300 to the St. Francis Energy Company to use for winter propane on the Rosebud Reservation. Thanks to Jeff for letting me play!
Warm winter clothing.  It can be as easy as mailing a pair of gloves, or a few pair of socks, or sending the blanket that doesn't match any more or the coat that a little one outgrew. New or gently used, please,  think about what you can send to Isabel.

Thank you for reading.   weck

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Originally posted to Okiciyap (we help) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 10:00 AM PST.

Also republished by Community Fundraisers, J Town, Native American Netroots, Invisible People, and South Dakota Kos.

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