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“We were surprised with the outcome,” the Wisconsin Republican told WISC-TV’s Jessica Arp. “We knew this was going to be a close race. We thought we had a very good chance of winning it. I think that the surprise was some of the turnout, some of the turnout especially in urban areas, which definitely gave President Obama the big margin to win this race.”
Oh, so Obama won because of the "Black Vote" did he?  It wasn't anything to do with Women's issues and the double digit gender gap?  It wasn't Romney promise to veto the Dream Act that made Latinos vote against you 70/30%?  It wasn't your Lies about Detroit and Ohio jobs moving to China? And of course, they didn't lose because Ryan's own plan to voucherize and profitize Medicare and stick granny with a $6000/year out of pocket bill.

It was the Darkies.  Wow. (Forehead Smack)


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The Republi-Cult has a serious, addictive problem with picking and choosing what they want to believe.  Case in point.

Ryan added that it was “disappointing” because “losing never feels good,” but insisted that the race had not been a referendum on his budget plan, which would have slashed the size of government and turned Medicare into a voucher program.

I don’t think we lost it on those budget issues, especially on Medicare,” the former nominee explained. “We clearly didn’t lose it on those issues. I think what people want us to do is tackle the country’s problems, and what I got out of this is they don’t want only Republican ideas or only Democratic ideas, they want us to come together for common ground and to work this out.”

Raw Story (http://s.tt/...)

Uh huh. The President already implemented a plan that added eight years the the solvency of the Medicare Trust Fund.  That plan is called ObamaCare, while your Campaigns Number. One. Goal. was to repeal it which would have added over $100 Billion to the deficit.

As the same article points out Exit Polls showed that Six in Ten Voters want Revenues to be raised on the Rich.

Six in 10 voters nationwide say they think taxes should be increased, a welcome statistic for President Barack Obama and a sign that the president’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s proposed tax cuts for the wealthy may have been effective.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/...

Of course Ryan would probably want these polls "Unskewed".

Solving these problems will not come from King Solomon-izing this and trying to take a Half Democratic Baby and a Diseased Deluded Half Republi-Cult Baby and stitching them together.

That's one Dead Baby.

It's going to take Republicans pulling their Heads Out of their Ass.

Unfortunately, like Ryan, many of them are pretty well stuck up there and aren't coming out without the help of a Backhoe.


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