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I have been in world of annoyance since I saw all the petitions on whitehouse.gov requesting state secession. What is with these people? They claim to love our country, but they can't accept the democratic principles upon which it was founded? I get that they have been living in this alternate bubble reality created by Fox News and the Beltway pundits, but the sore-loser I'm-gonna-take-my-ball-and-go-home aspect of this post-election is disgusting. Frankly, if these people really want to leave, let's encourage them!


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I glanced around and hadn't seen anyone diary about this yet here, but I think we should all go ahead and sign the following petition:
"Deport Everyone That Signed A Petition To Withdraw Their State From The United States Of America."

Do I actually want the country to split in two? No. Do I actually want these people deported? No. But what I really don't want is all our "reliable media" jumping all over how many people have signed the secession petitions without countering it with a response. Let's get actual loyal Americans riled up! Share the petition on facebook, twitter, get people talking about how un-American people are acting. My hope is that some of the people who are less far gone see the light and actually prove their love of country by calling out their intolerant secessionist friends.

Have a great day!

EDIT:  Just in response to comment: I come from a school of thought where absurdity and humor are the best tool to undermine extremists. As an activist, I'm actively involved in clown protest of the sort that was in this recc'd diary today. I think absurd peaceful protest is the best way to make people realize how dumb they are being

I explicitly state that I have no interest in people being deported -- it's a stunt. If their moronic secession attempt makes the news, which it assuredly will, I think this is an effective response. None of the petitions mentioned will probably go anywhere, they will probably just make the news. But who knows, maybe we'll have to suffer through more speculation about David Petraeus' jiggly bits.

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