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From a CBS morning show interview with GOP/Fox Word-King Luntz where he ends up giving them the new magic WORDS. Clips from one of those focus group interviews by (Fox "News"/Entertainment Republican) Frank Luntz with a raft (yeah, literally that's how they feel, poor dears!) of Republicans --trying valiantly to keep their heads above water in this horribly scary Obama-led country that is just lost, lost I tell you, on the way to perdition or whatever. Common sentiment amongst them, not precise quotes but the gist*: We thought we were going to take back our country. Now we're still on this terrible path, this road to ruin, to hell. Oh, my, the sky is falling and it's so so incredibly sad!

One said:  "There are people out there who think they don't have to work."

Frank:   "I've never seen a group so (discouraged, so lost, so fearful)...."

Gail King:    "So, what's your advice to the Republicans, Frank?"

Frank:   "First. Take a vacation....."

Gail:     "Okay, Frank, (we'll have to end it there, yada...) thanks!
            Enjoy your vacation."

Frank:   "Oh! I'm not taking a vacation. It's the Republicans who
            need a vacation."


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Gail asked him near the end of the interview why, if they wanted to be "inclusive" and project a friendlier image to blacks and Latinos, were there none in the focus group. "Were they hard to find?"

Frank answered by pointing out that the group was predominantly old and white and male.

More Luntz wisdom, and I use that term satirically:

These Republicans don't want to have the next election
be about 'social issues.' They don't want to talk about
abortion. They are willing to compromise about....  
(things such as immigration).
Notice, "values" is not, not, the correct word to use anymore.  And how big of them to be "willing" to compromise! They lost so they are now "willing" to compromise.


Republicans really have to get this language right.
They can't say 'middle class' as Romney did.
They have to say 'hard working taxpayers.'
Not 'middle class' or 'upper class' or 'working class.'
None of that, just 'hard working taxpayers.'
Oooohh, that just gives us the shivers, Frank. We all know how well you did in this election that JUST HAPPENED, Frank.

This election in which you supplied the GOP, supplied the losing Romney and all the losing Republican Senate candidates with the RIGHT WORDS TO SAY!

Thank goodness Frank has come up with some NEW WORDS for the Republicans. Now they can rest easy. Because their savior, Frank Luntz, has supplied them with their easy, peasy new vocabulary.

Watch for that phrase to start popping up out of all GOP mouths ad nauseum.

If that does not happen perhaps that means, oh heavens, Frank is unmasked at last as an evil twin of Rush Limbaugh, another one of those idiots who keeps helping the GOP expose themselves to the electorate in their true, vibrant, backward-looking, racist, lily white color.

As a white, older woman, I vigorously resent their racism which all my life we have been trying and hoping to educate and illuminate out of existence.

*Note, I didn't see the whole interview.

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Originally posted to Gorette on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 06:50 AM PST.

Also republished by Political Language and Messaging.

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