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Pundit Shaming has compiled quotes from a bunch of pundits that got it all wrong. Below are some quotes. Head over to the site for more.

“Mitt Romney can win this election. No doubt about it.

“And it will be because of the first presidential debate on October 3 — a battle of ideas and ideologies that changed American politics as we know it. That day, Romney came to fight and Obama became his punching bag.

“The polling data says it all. Obama led in 29 of 31 national polls taken during the four weeks leading up to the first debate. Today Romney is up a point or two on Obama. The momentum is with Romney. In the last 20 years, the candidate with the best October almost always won in November.” -Frank Luntz

“This election will not be close. That was my prediction last May when the shape of the presidential campaign became clear and it is my prediction now. While the media and pundits continue to muddy the water with claims and counter-claims feeding a conventional wisdom that this race will be a nail-biter, the reality is that historical facts and strategic blunders long ago doomed Barrack Obama to a single term…

“But the most entertaining fall-out will be the recriminations of pollsters and polling generally in the wake of Romney’s 330+ electoral vote win next Tuesday. It has been set in stone early on that the bulk of polling data for this cycle would incorporate some element of the 2008 turn-out model. Averaging past performance is a common tool in polling and, indeed, in all statistical modeling. But what happens if unique and unrepeatable factors create an outlier result? In 2008 President Obama brought out new voters and Democrats in historic numbers. He won independents and even cut into the Republican base because of three unique features of his candidacy: his race, the widespread disapproval of George W. Bush, and the desire to try something different in light of unprecedented economic turmoil.” -Don Rasmussen

“Barring something major, [Romney] is going to win Florida for four reasons,” began Huckabee. The first of which, he explained, was “a huge shift in this state in women voters,” pointing to a 19-point swing. He also characterized Florida as a big military state for both active and retired military persons, a demographic that has shown “incredibly strong support” for Romney. Huckabee felt that seniors were shifting the polls as well, because “they know $716 billion was cut from medicare in Obamacare — not by Romney.” And finally, Huckabee described how an organization called Secure America Now might be swaying Florida’s Jewish voters.
Pundit Shaming

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