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As I follow the along with the made for Jerry Springer spectacle I keep seeing  comments from press and comments sections alike.

Dale McFeatters: Petraeus, driven by a code of honor, had to resign

Petraeus had no choice but to resign. The country, including several of its presidential commanders in chief, may find the military's adherence to a code of honor and fidelity quaint, but the uniformed services do not. Petraeus was nothing if not a soldier.
The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon; Petraeus violated his code
CIA director had little choice but to resign
The exposure of an extramarital affair does not invariably end a public service career — for Exhibit A, see Bill Clinton. But former Gen. David Petraeus resigned abruptly Friday as director of the CIA, apologizing for the “extremely poor judgment” he showed by becoming sexually involved with his biographer. Petraeus might have weathered the storm, but only at great cost. By quitting he salvaged what he could of his honor, rather than acting as though a reckless and dishonorable act could be overlooked.
Follow along is any articles comment section and you will see the same thing...David Petraeus, what an honorable guy.  Naturally, you will see the obligatory Bill Clinton, not an honorable guy.

What a load of crap.

Petraeus and Broadwell, both are  products of West Point and steeped in the same honor code...ever see an interview or story about either that did not include the West Point mystic prior to this massive 'issue' coming to light? Rather than 'Do not engage in behavior that will be called into question' or 'Your actions should be guided as if someone is watching'.  In practice, the code of honor appears to be  'Everything is legal as long as you don't get caught'.  

If Paul Broadwell had not sent the e-mails that ultimately triggered an FBI investigation I would wager they would still be carrying on their affair to this day, not that I care. They are adults. Both bear responsibility for their own behavior.  

As the fix appears to be in to protect General Petraeus' reputation...Broadwell, not so much..please spare me the business about General Petraeus and that 'quaint' honor code.  It doesn't wash.


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