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VoteRiders transformed into Voter ID News Central from 4:00am to 7:30pm PT on Election Day. Our goal - to serve as a national voter ID news source for the media and the public – was achieved.

We posted “Top Stories” in the form of news articles, videos, and most importantly, VoteRiders original content analysis, all of which are available at VoteRiders.com.  

Our Vote Live Reports provide a large sample of voter ID-specific calls to the Election Protection hotline throughout the day.

Our Election Day Videos from Video the Vote feature citizens who shared their experience with potential disenfranchisement due to voter ID.

What did we learn from this process?

The VoteRiders Team emerged from our 16-hour “voter ID bubble” to make the connection between what we were seeing happen on the ground to what we were watching unfold before our eyes as colorless states turned blue or red on a map. The latter is what most of the world sees. What most Americans don’t see is what we witnessed during the electoral process: thousands of cases of disenfranchisement.  

We know that untold thousands – potentially millions – will lose their fundamental right to vote in the next few years as injunctions and laws are overturned and new laws are passed.

VoteRiders exists to help eligible citizens obtain the ID they need in order to vote. Our work lies within a much larger context of civil rights and civic engagement. Underneath the simple visual of a state turning red or blue are citizen stories. American stories that VoteRiders brings to the mainstream so everyone’s voice is heard.

VoteRiders Future

There are two key points of vulnerability for citizens who lack current valid identification: the need for documents like a birth certificate and assistance through the bureaucratic maze. Stay connected with us through our website, Facebook, and Twitter as we move forward and create efficient and cost-effective programs to address these challenges so that citizens do not continue to be disenfranchised.

If you would like VoteRiders to persevere in these efforts as well as to be your source for voter ID news, please consider contributing to preserve this cornerstone of our democracy.


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