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I know that corporations are soulless money sucking machines. But when did they stop even pretending to care about their customers. You talk to the people in the customer service call centers and their voices sound like their real people, but the words they use sound as if they are coming from a robot. Please join me on the long convoluted journey I have been on with T-mobile.


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Due to a person on my family plan going over my allotted minutes, I have a $575.00 cell phone bill this month. As I am not a member of the Koch or Walton family, this is not an amount that I can pay without seriously impacting other items in my budget, like rent or food or gas money.

I’ve talked to the T-mobile customer service people several times about this situation. Every conversation starts the same way. “You owe $575.00, how are you going to pay this TODAY”? When I explain to them that I cannot possible pay this total amount today, they ask when I will pay it.  Every single time, I’ve told them that I can make a partial payment on November 16th (when I get paid) and then I will need some type of arrangement to pay the balance.  They always reply that they can make payment arrangements, but I need to make a payment TODAY (I’m putting this in caps because they always emphasis that word). The last time, I spoke to them and carried on the same conversation, they said I had until November 19th to make payment arrangements.

Well, I woke up this morning to find they had suspended my account. When I called them today, they told me that because I was unwilling to make payment arrangements, my account was suspended. I told them I was not unwilling, that I had told them when I was going to pay, but I was unable to pay before Friday. They said again I was unwilling because I hadn’t made a payment in my prior phone calls. I explained that unwilling and unable were two entirely different things. When I asked why I was told I had until the 19th to make payment arrangements. The representative said that didn’t mean that my account wouldn’t be suspended before that date and I would have to pay an extra $20.00 per line to get the phones reactivated.

I’ve been a loyal customer to T-mobile for 12 years, but they don’t give a damn about my 12 years of steady payments. Unless I pay the $575.00 plus $20 per phone, my account will stay suspended. So I’m done with T-mobile. I’m going to look for another cell phone provider because I need my cell phones as I don’t have a landline. So, this is where I need some help. Please provide me with suggestions as to where I should go for my cell phone service. I’m thinking about Credo due to its advertised stance on progressive issues. But I’m not sure if it real or just an advertising campaign. I’m also thinking about Criket or Virgin. Has anyone had a positive relationship with either one of these? Please let me know, Thanks!

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