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By now we all have heard the rightwing noise machine's demands for a "Watergate-type investigation into the Benghazi affair," complete with a Senate Select Committee.

Here's something you may be interested to know:  Prior to the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stephens in Libya, six other U.S. ambassadors were murdered in the line of duty.

Someone remind me how many of those were investigated by a Senate Select Committee??  Or a committee of any kind??

What's the difference? Could it be because the President today is a black man with big ears and a funny name -- and his UN ambassador is a black woman?


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U.S. Ambassadors killed in the line of duty before Christopher Stevens:

Adolph Dubs

The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan in the Carter administration from
1978 to 1979, Dubs was killed in an exchange of gunfire after a
kidnapping attempt by Islamic extremists in Kabul in 1979. . .

Francis E. Meloy, Jr.

The U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, Meloy was kidnapped by a Palestinian
separatist group and shot along with U.S. economic counselor Robert O.
Waring as both diplomats headed to present their credentials to the
new Lebanese president in 1976. The two officials were assaulted as
they were crossing the Green Line, the division between Beirut’s
Christian and Muslim sectors. Their bodies were later found on a
beach. . .

Rodger P. Davies

The U.S. ambassador to Cyprus under the Ford administration, Davies
was killed by sniper fire during a demonstration against American
policy by Greek Cypriots at the embassy in Nicosia on Aug. 19, 1974.
Davies’ secretary, Antoinette Varnava, was also killed. . .

Cleo A. Noel, Jr.

The U.S. ambassador to Sudan for the Nixon administration, Cleo A.
Noel, Jr., was killed in 1973 after members of a faction of the PLO,
the Palestinian Liberation Organization, specifically called ‘Black
September,’ stormed the Saudi embassy in Khartoum during a party for
Noel’s outgoing deputy. . .

John Gordon Mein

. . . Mein was gunned down by Guatemalan rebels in 1968 after leaving a State Department lunch. . .

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