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We are now at 20 attendees and still counting!

Motor City Kossacks Inaugural Meet-Up:

Date: Saturday, Novevmber 17, 2012 (yes, tomorrow)

Time: 6:00 PM

Place:  Sophia's Restaurant, 35259 W. 10 Mile Road, Farmington Hills MI

Here's our current RSVP list (please make any corrections in the comment thread):

1.    peregrine kate
2.    ProvokingMeaning
3.    gregsullmich
4.    Eclectablog
5.    scenna
6.    jennifree2bme
7.    Unit Zero
8.    mideedah
9.    surelyujest
10.    2thanks
11.    The Dave
12.    MichiganChet
13.    PhishRapper
14.    DoReMI
15.    BFSkinner
16.    ICanDoThis
17.    ICanDoThis’s spouse
18.    myrealname
19.    NewDawnFades
20.    Ooooh

1.    Brainwrap
2.    Desi
3.    fisheye
4.    MI Sooner

1.    khloemi
2.    dkmich
3.    GwenM
4.    sydneyluv
5.    moose67
6.    Hector Solon
7.    snowman3
8.    Sylv
9.    Future Gazer

Based on the counsel of those who have run other meet-ups, we should keep our expectations of the event focused on getting to know each other :).  Or, in the words of the Diva (navajo) who has inspired us all: "we do these just to hug each other and have fun." Our logistical constraints are such that trying to accomplish any formal agenda is not practical.

I'll have a sign-up sheet to help me address the still-pending question of who wants what personal information to be shared with the group, and a review of what DKos group mail can and can't do, but that's about it in terms of business.

How will you recognize me? Well, here is one good photo of me, with navajo at NN12. (Sorry, in too much of a hurry to embed it properly in the diary right now; I might have time to return to do the edit later.) I'll be wearing the same blue jacket and orange scarf, and I'll be with my handsome husband, who will likely be sporting his favorite item of clothing of late, his light khaki Stetson. In addition to everything else people usually wear, that is; no scandals emerging here!

I'm very much looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow, those of you who can attend. May this be the first of many such get-togethers for our great crew.


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4:51 PM PT: Please note that one of our members has asked us to keep in mind this important element for each other's comfort: avoiding the wearing of fragrances. Some people are very sensitive, even allergic, to the scents and other chemicals in perfumes, aftershaves, and the like.

Naturally, there will be limits on our ability to control our environment given the dozens of other diners in the restaurant, but our mindfulness can help. Thanks much!

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