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Be gentle, this is a first for me. I typically like to lurk in the shadows and let you intelligent folk do the heavy lifting. Please don't let that stop you from helping out someone who needs some help. Ok onto the big lift.

I met in person one of the Sacramento area Kossacks, who is in need of some assistance and it broke my heart not being able to give more assistance than I had by giving her pet food today. I found out she is living in the cold and dark since getting her power cut off quite a while ago. Now I don't know about you coffee drinkers, I don't drink the stuff personally, but she cannot make herself coffee in the am with no power. Also, too, that whole taking a shower in freezing cold water, did it in the military and didn't think much of it then and certainly don't now.  She will  probably tell you she feels enough has been done by making certain her pets can eat. I don't think so, when many of us can make the misery of one disappear by giving of themselves just a little. Many hands make for easier lifting. To get her by, she is going to need roughly $700. this is to help pay a $519 heating bill, allow her to get a prescription filled and get some gas for looking for work and some airtime for her cell phone, so people can get hold of her if something comes up job wise. I know it is a whole lot to ask at this time of year, but if we can help her make a dent it would be greatly appreciated. She goes by the sigline aitchdee here at the Great Orange Satan and I know she will appreciate all the help.


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Nurse Kelley Sez: I vouch for glescagal. If she says she's met someone in person, been to their home, and discovered a need, you can take it to the bank. Please, let's take care of aitchdee's power bill and other incidentals, and while we're at it - let's make sure she has plenty of food for Thanksgiving. To recap:

GOAL: $800 $346 (I bumped it up for groceries.)

PAYPAL ADDY: twilithour@mac.com  PayPal Site

Thanks, y'all!

UPDATE: 45 minutes in and we're almost halfway there. Thanks!

1:17 PM PT (KelleyRN2): We're at $399.41 - halfway there!

1:40 PM PT (KelleyRN2): $375 to go - who's got some couch change?

FINAL UPDATE: Bless you! We've met our goal (and then some) so aitchdee can get her lights turned back on, have coffee in the morning, and follow it with a warm shower. Y'all are the best!

4:01 PM PT: Final final update (glescagal) I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given my new friend aitchdee. It is overwhelming to see people all coming together to help a fellow Kossack.

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Originally posted to Community Fundraisers on Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 12:00 PM PST.

Also republished by Kossacks helping each other, Positive Intention and Lovingkindness, Military Community Members of Daily Kos, Barriers and Bridges, and Central Valley Kossacks.

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