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This is a followup to my diary of 16NOV where I attempted to warn Democrats.  Not surprised it didn't get a lot of likes.  Nobody likes bad news.  But it needed to be said if for no reason than to clear my conscience.  This morning I saw Gov Chris Christi's SNL clip from 17Nov12 show.  I thought to myself...."You know Christie comes across like a helluva nice guy."


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I'm a true independent.  How do I know that?  Because I piss off both the Dems and the GOP.  The conservatives call me a hippie and the liberals call me a Fox Newsbie even though I never watch that garbage.   Why am I important?  Because I'm the  type of voter that the Dems can and will lose if they make another mistake like they did with the health care bill.  

I see Christie being a nice guy on TV.  Look the masses get their information and form their opinions by what they see on TV.  Again, Christie comes across as a nice guy working hard to do his job.  That's the perfect image for the next GOP nominee for POTUS.   And Christie isn't going to play those games.  He's going to tell it like it is and people like that.  People are going to see that and be drawn to it because it's real, it's likeable.   His policies won't matter.  

If the Dems attempt to assuage the GOP nut cases into avoiding the fiscal cliff by including Medicare and Social Security into this deal, they are cutting their throat for the next 2 election cycles no matter if God came down and ran himself.  A better policy is to stand your ground.  If the GOP once again go against the will of the people who voted to raise taxes on the rich, that is their suicide.  The public will see their obstructionism for what it is and when they have to pay more taxes, the Dems can say, be sure to thank your local Congressman.  

Now I'm very happy to read that many Dems, primarily the progressives, understand this.  Perhaps even Harry Reid understands this.  That's great news.  But someone commented in my last diary that they didn't think that people would allow a repeat of 2010 since it did so much damage.   My answer to that is simply.....This is the same public that voted for George Bush TWICE!!!!!   So, just leave Social Security and Medicare out of it.  

BTW, if they were really serious about all this, they would just remove marijuana from the control substance list and tax it.  If they set it up correctly, they could pay off the deficit without cutting anything in less than 10 years, cut unemployment in half and see an economic jolt to the economy with new business that has been seen in 2 decades.   After what happened in Colorado and Washington, they would be smart to see this and for once be pro-active about something.  

Look when 80 year old conservative white Republican men from Iowa think it's time to remove marijuana from the controlled substance list, IT'S TIME TO ACT!  But I'm writing from an airport, so I'll leave this to my next diary in a couple of weeks.

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